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Balancing Employer and Employee Demands: Ways to Bridge the Confidence Gap

Thursday, May 24, 2018 | Online

There are several points of view on what works better for a new age company today… Buzzwords like ‘People-first approach’ and ‘purposeful Darwinism’ make the news every once in a while.  The question we should be asking is – How do you positively balance between an organization’s growth targets and employee’s needs? This question becomes even more critical as organizations wade through a fast-paced, high-stakes world and their employees’ well-being might not always be top-of-mind.

For me, the right balance between an employer and employee’s needs is when an organization can achieve significant growth even as it pushes the barrier on corporate sustainability… in my book, the latter includes how one engages with employees and drives them to be better professionals and individuals. It’s derived through building a culture led by high performance but that, at the same time encourages diversity of talent and approaches. As in the long term, educating and involving employees about their workplace, how their roles fit into the business growth track and the opportunities for innovation and developing new skills and rewarding them, actually helps the organization improve its performance – financial, operational or people-specific.

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