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Three Ways The Cloud Opens Horizons For Better CX


By Subramanya C, Chief Technology Officer, HGS Today, the way organizations look at business has transformed… a lot of this is due to the constant evolution in Cloud technology and how it is changing the game. Cloud has revamped real-time data accessibility, improved productivity and helped in cost reduction. Business communication is way different from what it used to be while supply chain management has become more efficient. Organizations can now customize products at minimal costs and small & medium businesses have the liberty to increase/ reduce their resource requirements according to demand. All of these are tied strongly to enhancing customer experience (CX). In line with what’s happening across the business world, the BPM industry has deployed Cloud technology extensively to enhance and reconstruct CX solutions. Three ways in which Cloud is driving breakthrough CX transformation are:
  • Cloud can better prepare companies to provide optimized CX across channels
In the past decade, globalization has been a significant trend that has brought businesses, employees and customers closer to each other. Communication and knowledge sharing has increased and further contributed to maintain growth, productivity and consistency on a domestic and global front. Companies are adopting Cloud solutions for internal conferencing, presentations, meetings and video to drive more coordinated internal communication and productivity. On the external front, companies are using Cloud-driven applications, which provide them with a platform to connect more closely with customers and establish strong long-term links across geographies
  • Cloud-based CRMs can integrate data
Customers are the fundamental core of any business and require undivided attention and care. With the use of Cloud technology, companies can undertake better inventory management and provide faster information to customers when it comes to product availability and other relevant product information. This is achieved by hosting data on a Cloud infrastructure, which increases speed and accuracy of product updates, therefore enhancing overall customer experience. In addition to providing basic information over product availability, this infrastructure can also enable immediate and accurate product tracking, covering all data including the original source of where the product may be manufactured, sold or shipped from. Cloud therefore upgrades the organization’s efficiency to deal with customer requests and complaints, irrespective of location.  This last part is becoming a key factor in CX today. To give an example of how data integration on Cloud can enable customers on a global network: A customer makes a purchase in one country during his/ her travel but lodges a complaint in another… hosting data on the Cloud means that a customer care representative has all the data he/ she needs at their fingertips despite not being located in the place of purchase.
  • Cloud Technology is an ideal collaboration suite for companies
Today all company information and email data is hosted on the Cloud, and this has done away with the need for a virtual private network (VPN). Businesses can access emails and content from anywhere, making data accessibility and communication smooth. All this helps to augment productivity and customer satisfaction. For example, sales executives can access proposals from the Cloud and customize them on the spot to improve sales. Customer contracts can be handled better by Cloud hosting contract templates, for access and customization of a contract template. For human resources, employee onboarding and the complete employee lifecycle, Cloud technology ensures better access and processing. For your purchase department, you can use Cloud to source vendors for purchasing and implement bidding with transparency and an open process. Companies today are seeking expert guidance to help them unlock and implement Cloud transformation. A recent study by Reasearch Moz states that the global Cloud-based BPO market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11.39 percent from 2014-19. In this regard, BPM players must drive a shift towards building and leveraging a cost-effective and advantageous Cloud infrastructure for their clients… I believe this will be a big enabler in making clients more competitive in the increasingly customer-centric market place. Source: SiliconIndia