Case Study

400% Increase in Online Bookings for a 5-Star Hotel

Travel and Hospitality

About the Client

This client is a group of 5-star luxury and business hotels in India that include prime urban locations and holiday destinations.

What the client was looking for…

The client wanted HGS to:

  • Define a digital business strategy to increase brand awareness
  • Design and develop a new website with extensive SEO and analytics capabilities
  • Ideate and execute engaging digital marketing campaigns
  • Devise and execute a successful content strategy
  • Launch digital initiatives to strengthen customer relationship management

How HGS delivered…

  • Designed a new XHTML website with impressive UX, integrated room booking and incorporated SEO elements and interactive modules
  • Built an interactive platform for guest interaction and hotel communication
  • Executed interactive promotional campaigns on the community platform to enhance user experience and brand communication
  • Effectively tracked audience, including customer database management and profiling
  • Monitored website traffic and delivered in-depth analysis and reports
  • Integrated web self-service that ensured intelligent placement of products and cross selling of products/services

How the business transformed…

  • Revenue generated through online reservations increased by 300% in the first year and 100% in the second year
  • 400% increase in online bookings in one year
  • Bookings made on the website rose to 35% of total revenue
  • Increased website visitors by 300%
  • Improved the client's search rankings and increased user engagement
  • Enhanced user experience by easily disseminating relevant information using effective Call-To-Actions (CTAs) and a user-friendly interface
  • Improved website visibility on search engine results
  • Improved customer response after introducing interactive features and modules
  • Helped the client profile its customers, leading to more effective communication
  • Well placed self-illustrative process led to an increase in customer engagement and brand awareness