Case Study

Achieving Award-Winning Sales and Service Excellence for a Fast-Growing Energy Company


It’s a new era for utility companies and their focus on customer service. Today these companies are interacting with their customers much differently than they have in the past, striving to set themselves apart with both customer satisfaction and higher conversions. In 2014, one North American-based energy company had these aims in mind when seeking the help of HGS’s more than 40 years of multilingual customer care experience. We started providing Spanish customer care in Barranquilla, Colombia, and within two years, we were granted English language support from our Kingston, Jamaica location. Today, this account is a showcase effort expanding across not only locations but lines of business and customer experience channels. HGS recently earned a silver award for “best contact center operation in Colombia” for our preferred provider results, including 48% sales conversion for this client partner.


How We Do It 

Within the first three months of our partnership, HGS worked to re- energize enrollments, with emphasis on both retention and new customers. With a strong sales workforce team to support, HGS started with a Proof of Concept (PoC) that revamped agent recruiting and training. The energy was contagious, as the sales program got off the ground, with a healthy competition set against both client in-house sales and another service vendor. Recruitment began to focus as much on sales skills as basic customer care, with psychology testing and sales demonstrations observed during interviewing.

HGS soon gained preferred provider status with 10 FTEs taking inside sales calls immediately after transitioning from three months of customer care training and five days of accelerated sales focus. This training honed in on the legal regulations that could potentially affect upsell—a critical focus in most utility sales. After three months of growing partnership trust, the client officially added Inside Sales to our expanding responsibilities. And our strong performance didn’t stop there. Within six months of this new service, HGS devised a billing calculator that now serves as an essential tool to help agents differentiate products and rates when conversing with customers and driving conversions.

Business Result

Today 100% of HGS staff members are trained in the sales techniques to achieve 45% Average Sales Conversion. According to HGS Account Manager William Vargas, “The client is delighted with our strong numbers and the fact that they are constant and sustainable. In fact, they even turn to us for sales advice.”