Case Study

Achieving Performance, Process to Make a High-Growth Start-Up More Competitive

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As proven experts in the science of driver safety and efficient driving, in 2007, a global driver risk management company needed a BPO partner in sharing a calculated risk and providing the tools and business process expertise to enable a start-up operation. The company chose HGS for our history of partnering with new venture organizations, strong financial position, process design
insight, deep domain experience, broad service capability, and global footprint.

For this client, HGS leveraged capabilities to build the infrastructure to access, play, and review driver safety videos from anywhere in the world. This client was looking for support as it began to scale its business. The solution provided our service from HGS’s Manila location, as a means to keep costs low and leverage highly educated, professional representatives.

HGS created and refined a custom business process that enables our driving risk analysts (DRAs) to download, evaluate, and score the video clips recorded by cameras mounted on the windshield inside commercial vehicles. Reporting is built into the process, so that all findings are delivered to the client in order to coach the driver before returning to the road. The program is thriving today,
and the partnership has expanded as the market for this high-tech service increases. HGS began the program with seven DRAs reviewing 1,000 video clips per day for 20 customers. Currently there are 34 DRAs in the Philippines and 134 DRAs in India reviewing more than 45,000 clips per day for more than 600 of the client’s customers.

The future is bright for this partnership. Recently the Manila center was awarded “Most Innovative BPO Company of the Year” by the International ICT Awards.

Partnership Success Proof Points

1. Significant Improved Quality 

How We Do It

  • Reviewed data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching
  • Involved our Business Excellence Team to drive process improvements
  • Aligned the Quality and Training teams, across geos, for consistent and standardized service excellence
  • Recreated a training module to employ all behavior categories

Business Result

  • A total of 100% of our new/trial accounts now achieve QA target
  • A total of 90% of accounts achieve a QA target

2. Improved SLA Achievement 

How We Do It

  • Developed an Automated Workload Distribution Tool using “First In First Out” logic to improve SLA adherence
  • Analyzed the video clip arrival pattern
  • Revised scheduling based on clip arrival pattern
  • Exchanged events between geos during system issues and volume spikes, with the aim to reduce the impact on turnaround time (TAT) 

Business Result

  • SLA continuous improvement efforts reduced operating expense while identifying process enhancements that will ensure efficiency is sustainable

3. Enhanced Staff Training 

How We Do It

  • Created a web-based Knowledge Retention tool that measures the knowledge levels of the agents and identifies TNIs

Business Result

  • Enhanced staff knowledge of client, customers, and business challenges and solutions
  • Improved customer satisfaction, with decreased client escalations

4. Improved Staff Retention 

How We Do It

  • Provided support staff with additional team members and training
  • Posted jobs internally for staff development focus
  • Addressed employees’ grievances on a priority basis

Business Result

  • Increased in quality performance while addressing significant growth in clip volume and increase in headcount
  • Reduced agent training cost
  • Improved the performance quality and handling time