Case Study

Addressing Vulnerable Points in the Customer Lifecycle


This Canadian telecommunications client identified residential moves as a key time to focus on customer retention and strategies to increase customer loyalty. Previously, our client treated this transaction as a "routine service call" but soon realized that a shift in paradigm was needed to keep customers loyal and satisfied through this transitional period.

Working with our client, HGS identified elements of the existing processes which were not conducive to loyalty building throughout the customer's move. With moves identified as a highly stressful time in a customer's life, we found that our client's processes were not alleviating many aspects of this stress. Move calls were treated as standard "service" transactions, placed in general service queues with no priority or unique targets or goals established.

In short, the value and importance of these call types were not recognized and respected. The entire process was treated with a transactional focus and no specialized training or processes were followed.

To leverage the full potential of the customer move, HGS partnered with our client to develop and pilot a "Moves Concierge" solution; a team of dedicated, experienced concierge agents that would directly support the moving customer during every stage of the move; from customer notification to booking the installation through to the first bill in the new location.

  • Reduced repeat calls from moving customers from more than 4 to 1.6 calls per move
  • Reduced churn rates for moving customers by more than 50%
  • Improved Sales per Contact from 6% to greater than 10% on Moves & Transfer calls