Case Study

Boosting Sales Productivity, Reducing Fixed Overhead Costs, and Improving Workflow for a Health Plan



A major payer was seeking to stay true to mission: to improve the health and well-being of its members, their families, and their communities, as well as reduce some of the barriers (such as language and socioeconomic status) to accessing affordable health coverage. Although originally focused on delivering managed Medicaid plans, the organization has since expanded into Medicare Advantage and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

As this organization prepared to enter the health insurance marketplace in 2013, its leaders recognized a significant challenge: its underperforming sales organization lacked the tools and training to take on this new market. The sales department had high labor costs, low productivity, and little transparency into end-to-end performance. Sales reps and teams were manually tracking sales using Excel spreadsheets. The organization couldn’t connect these pockets of information to create enterprise-wide objectives or performance visibility.

The company also faced a critical technology challenge. The majority of the client’s sales had been to enroll and renew Medicaid customers. Because the state had a technology system in place for Medicaid, the sales team had relied on it as a way to track activity. However, this system would not allow them to track performance in the marketplace—and the state was about to sunset the system as its Medicaid solution. As these factors converged, organization leaders turned to Colibrium for a new comprehensive solution for managing sales performance.

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