Case Study

Comprehensive Knowledge Base Drives Consistency and Transparency

Public Sector

HGS provides support to citizens residing in the UK and abroad in completing information and application forms for new or replacement passports, answering questions about the process, and providing updates about the status of their application.

HGS quickly realized the need for a comprehensive knowledge base and delivered in an innovative contracting model. We built a knowledge base that would be a constantly updated repository for all the information needed to answer callers’ questions. The process of centralization was completed, migrating responsibility for processing and completing all passport applications from consulates around the globe. We streamlined the operation while improving the applicant experience.

  • Vital support for up to 350,000 passport applicants every year
  • Underpinned by a comprehensive knowledge base that drives process consistency and transparency
  • An innovative, trust-based contract model based on a 'user pays' business model
  • Operational efficiency driving a 50% cost reduction for the end user and rising service levels
  • An uncompromising focus on improving the applicant experience
  • Extremely low level of complaints about help line service quality
  • 24 hour, five days a week operation handling an average of 11,000 calls per month
  • Contributing to a program of change that has streamlined passport administration and helped save the British tax payer up to £10 million

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