Case Study

Contact Center Innovations Transform Customer Service for a Major North American Telecom Provider


In 2005, this North American telecommunications giant turned its focus to transforming its customer experience and was looking for a partner that was philosophically aligned and could operate as a nimble extension of its overarching customer service strategy. In addition to improving customer experience across the customer lifecyle for its bundle of products (cable TV, high-speed Internet, wireless phone), this client sought to expand services reach, drive future growth, and increase sales revenue.

Before suggesting any kind of solution, HGS gained a clear understanding of the client's objectives and translated those objectives into real-time front line focus and activities. The objectives were mapped to the agents' scorecards so that even the newest agents conduct daily transactions with business priorities in mind.

Today, HGS supports 10 million customer contacts per year including internal escalation and hi-tech support for employees in retail stores.


HGS was able to transform the customer experience through a number of unique programs including:

  • Using the concept of the emotional bank account (EBA) in the customer experience blueprint that was designed to identify, model, and document best practices for inbound calls. EBA requires that agents immediately make a deposit at the beginning of the interaction and set the tone at the top of the call.
  • Implementing Prioritized Agent Coaching, which focuses on helping the most influential roles in the contact center become more effective coaches to better support agents.
  • Developing a "Moves Concierge" to support customers and ensure loyalty during residential moves.
  • Helping the client "own the home" by offering "Smart Home Monitoring" as a natural sales through service upsell.
  • Reduced customer churn during residential moves by 50%
  • Reduced repeat calls from 4 to 1.2
  • Increased sales per contact from 6% to 10
  • Improved sales per contact revenue protection by 45%: < 85% of credit and adjustment target
  • Care Customer Experience rates are exceeding target by 105% YTD.
  • Care Resolution rates are exceeding target by 105% YTD.

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