Case Study

Converting 80% of SMS Contacts to Leads for Auto Shopping Website


In 2017, customers of an up-and-coming automotive shopping website were experiencing lengthy response times and inconsistent follow-up when buyers were directly referred to dealerships. The retailer site was in need of expert customer care solutions—designed for today’s digitally savvy and mobile consumer. They gathered first-hand testimonials of HGS’s proven success and winning performance for a leading carsharing company, for whom we’ve driven significant increase in net revenue and improved response time and member engagement. The choice was clear for the growing company, and HGS was selected for our agility and retail and digital solution experience.


Automotive research and shopping website
HGS Services: Concierge services, including Chat and Text
Delivery:  Peoria, Illinois
70 FTEs
Serving 15,700 dealers
Open 24/7


From the start of the partnership HGS was engaged to deploy chat and SMS solutions to manage initial customer contacts, answer questions, provide vehicle education, and refer customers to dealers. HGS researched and recruited for the right agent profile for this solution: tech-savvy agents, who are screened for their multi-tasking ability. With an extensive background deploying HGS TEXT and HGS CHAT for clients, HGS created an optimized digital solution at a concurrency of six contacts or three SMS and three web chat contacts per agent 24x7. This solution enables customers to start, stop, and continue their conversations without losing the history and context of the interaction.
The HGS team lost no time adjusting our solution to exceed client lead collection and scalability expectations. Within the first month, HGS Business Excellence focus led the team to analyze non-lead contacts to categorize and group; identifying root cause and implementing solutions to drive lead conversion. This included analysis and identification in problems that resulted in non-lead generation—principally customers gathering auto background before disclosing contact information. Consequently, HGS immediately structured and implemented agent scripting aims to immediately collect contact information from customers, for a more optimal lead referral to client.

Digital Solutions to Scale with Client, Contain Costs 15,700 Dealers

How We Do It

HGS’s agile execution and fast expansion of contacts for the client has resulted in increasing responsibility for an ever-expanding dealer database. HGS provided significant dealer support increase from 500 dealers to, by spring 2018, 15,700 dealers in the client network. The client credits HGS’s digital chat-SMS platform delivery, concurrency, and excellence focus.

Business Result

With HGS’s digital solution support, the client now has access to leads from nearly 16,000 dealers. With the six contact concurrency for HGS agents (up to three web chat and three SMS at a time), the client is achieving costcontainment as a result of of HGS CHAT and HGS TEXT efficiencies.


Increased Dealer Leads 80% of SMS Contacts Converted to Lead

How We Do It

Within a month of HGS’s program launch, our team conducted lead monitoring and troubleshooting to assess the principal issue with lead abandonment: scripting. HGS implemented a new script to ensure conversations that capture contact information at the outset of each interaction—before pricing or vehicle information is confirmed. Agents began starting calls by collecting the relevant lead specifics to share with the client. 
HGS next grouped contacts into different areas of assessment, including issues such as “Agent Errors,” and “Abandoned Chat.” HGS adjusted agent recruitment and training to better represent agent profiles and skills to handle the multitasking and lead generation required of this role. Today’s agent screening now captures skills beyond keyboard speed, such as technical aptitude and authoring chat and SMS messages to represent colloquial but professional tone. This ensures agents can deliver high customer and client satisfaction, and our winning 80% contact-to-lead performance. 

HGS extended hours, increased engagement, and improved IT  knowledge base capabilities in just six months

Enhanced Speed of Leads to Dealers 20 second SMS Response Time

Business Result

The HGS team has hit the ground running for this client, delivering 80% of SMS contacts for lead conversion. With the right team members in place to manage the multitasking skillset required, each agent supports six SMS customer engagements concurrently, on a 24x7 basis. The team manages an impressive contact volume, at 2,800 chats per day.

How We Do

It HGS’s digital solution delivery collects the right information, fast, and sends this to the client’s dealer network, in real time. HGS credits this service excellence to recruiting, staffing, and a robust employee engagement program. With a more technical agent profile, HGS provides the training to incentivize further skills development. And stringent quality monitoring ensures agents achieve this crucial speed of contact delivery performance.


Business Result

Prior to HGS’s support, the client’s in house lead management resulted in slow response times leading to dealer dissatisfaction. Our 80% SMS contactto-lead performance is delivered with real-time, immediate communication to dealers. HGS agent attrition for this program is low, at 32%.



HGS continues to consistently scale this client’s dealer network. HGS has managed chat and SMS to maximize responsiveness, generate more leads, and relieve dealers of tier I responses. The client is now appreciating HGS as a value-added addition to their suite of benefits for dealers to renew paid memberships. The future is bright for this partnership.


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