Case Study

Creating a Customer Retention "Centre of Excellence"


The client wanted HGS to develop a centre of excellence for customer retention while driving down overall operational costs. There was a lack of workflow processes and understanding of customer journeys. HGS was required to receive complaints on behalf of the client from multiple internal departments such as OFCOM, Citizens Advice, solicitors, and complaints made directly to the client's chief executive and resolve them completely within 56 days. This was the final internal complaint process before a customer escalated to the regulatory body for auto resolution, so it was crucial to resolve complaints within the set timeframe.

We educated the client about Contact Handle Time (CHT) and introduced an outbound validation check to decrease outbound call volumes and improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and CHT.

We created Jigsaw, a new system that collated insights and tracked calls, duration, and FCR reporting to the client on a weekly basis. This helped track repeat calls, identify call drivers, reward top performers, and focus on coaching for bottom performers.

We formed a team of CEO complaints case managers and subject matter experts with skills in multiple areas to work on resolving complaints at the highest standard. These agents have the skill to handle complaints regarding provisioning issues, technical faults, contract disputes, billing issues, and general customer complaints. Within each skill set there lies sub processes in handling these complaints. The agents liaise with various other departments to resolve the customer complaint.

  • 94% quality
  • 98%+ compliance
  • 98.6% complaints satisfied with no returning customers
  • Billing complaints resolved within 96 hours
  • 85% first contact resolution rate
  • Reduced outbound call volumes from 42% to 12% within four weeks
  • 90%+ retention rate
  • Cost-per-retained customer reduced by 43%
How to Transform the Customer Experience from the Philippines