Case Study

Creating Epic Social Engagement


What We Do

HGS has a team of 60 full-time social care agents (which ramps to 90 agents during holiday time) that provides monitoring, engagement, insights and analytics, and reporting (in English and Spanish) on the following social media sites: Client’s National Facebook Page, 5,000 Local Store Facebook Pages, 20 Puerto Rico Pages, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. We provide coverage 24/7/365.

Client Challenge

• Client receives more than 6-10 million social media mentions a year, and this volume is up 20% year over year. The reality is not all of the mentions require a response from the brand. For example, some customers simply tweet about having visited the store. The business challenge comes down to limited resources. With such large volume, how do you filter through the noise to find the actionable posts?

• Part of this large volume was coming from 5,000 local store pages, where customers were demanding an answer to their question or a resolution to their poor shopping experience. The client wanted their customers’ experience on Facebook to mirror the friendliness of their neighborhood store, and not feel as if they were engaging with “corporate”.

• In addition to the overwhelming volume, the client also noticed a rise in negative sentiment and social media incidents that were negatively affecting the company’s online reputation.

• Existing social media efforts were fragmented across the client’s internal teams, and customer care issues were not optimized for resolution. The prior vendor would simply send the customer to an 800 number or an online form, causing a high-effort and negative customer experience.

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