Case Study

Creating a Positive Brand Perception for a Luxury Automotive Brand



A luxury automotive brand entering the India market and first time outsourcer required HGS to act as a second level of service to resolve consumer issues and manage customer perceptions through contact center and social media solutions and services.

Our Solution

To cater to the individual needs of every customer, the client offers dedicated relationship managers who are the first point of contact for customer queries and issues. However, this is mostly for post sales. HGS is the first point of contact for pre-sales and sales queries.
The client's end customers are High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), therefore the risk associated with response and perception management are very high for this client. HGS is trusted to handle their customer care and perception management services.

  • HGS manages all queries related to products, finance options, and insurance during pre-sales and sales
  • HGS agents are also trained in information related to after-sales queries like insurance, car
  • Service, and roadside assistance, as HGS is the second point of contact for all customers if they cannot reach the dedicated relationship manager


For all three levels of services, HGS acts as a liaison between the dealership and end customers till all queries and issues are resolved, creating a seamless channel of communication. To ensure tracking and measurement, agents are required to follow the client's SOP and report on every case using the client's case management tool.

Voice and email support for high-profile customers
HGS provides 24/7 inbound and outbound voice support for enquiries, sales, aftersales, complaints handling, concierge services, and also email support. The contact center team provides customers with information on the products, finance options, and insurance products available along with other relevant details.
Along with current clients, the HGS contact center also fields calls from prospective buyers as well as people who might complain and tarnish the brand image.

Perception and response management on social media
HGS also provides social media support and perception management services. We provide 24/7 support to customer queries on Instagram and Facebook and have an SLA of five minutes to reply to customer posts. We are also launching support for customer queries on Twitter.

Strict hiring and training parameters
To ensure that we are able to cater to the client's high profile customers, we have established stringent hiring and training parameters that help source the best performing employees. Only candidates who are graduates, have considerable work experience in the field, and are proficient in spoken English and local languages are hired.
HGS employees are then trained by SMEs from the client's organization on products, finance options available, soft skills, and social media management skills.

Unique Value Provided

  • HGS agents are trained to address all queries and offer quick resolutions. They act as a liaison between the client relationship manager and their customers to ensure all queries are resolved.
  • The CRM designed by HGS is capable of segregating leads based on their level of interest and this information is shared with the client in real time.
  • HGS analyzes the calls coming in to proactively create resolutions for each query ensuring that those same queries are handled proficiently during any subsequent interaction.