Case Study

CSAT Improvement and Better Data Insights for a Major Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Customer Engagement

Increasing industry competition and customer expectations have raised the bar for construction equipment manufacturers. These businesses must refine their focus on customer relationship management to stay ahead of competition on all fronts. In a diverse and large market like India, it’s tough to simultaneously focus on crucial areas like product innovation, sales, marketing, post-purchase service, and customer relationship management. In 2017, this client, a first-time outsourcer, asked HGS to partner with them in their quest for top-notch customer service and troubleshooting support.


Before HGS, the client did not have a single source for customer feedback. Dealers were logging complaint calls late, and issue resolution was not monitored, which impacted CSAT. The client wanted HGS to improve alignment between Mean Time to Close Call (MTCC) and actual CSAT.

Our Solution

Real time consolidation of customer complaints and machines deployments

In the absence of a centralized tracking and monitoring system, the client was unable to consolidate product complaints and customer feedback. HGS began recording vehicle issues reported by customers, which helped the client plan their inventory. The client had better clarity on spare part sourcing and availability. They could stock necessary parts that would be in demand and reduce stock of parts that weren’t in demand. Better inventory management also helped the client free up necessary capital that could be used for other priorities.
HGS facilitated tracking of machine locations and deployment and recorded the data. Before HGS entered the picture, the client was not aware of machine deployment schedules at a national level. With the tracking and recording of this data, we could solve the client’s problem of isolated products and issue tracking.

Improved CSAT measurement leading to more products being rated Best-in-Class 

HGS trains agents to the exact needs of its clients to create a seamless experience 

HGS ensures that the customer service loop is closed in every instance by acting as a liaison between the dealers and customers. It is also mandatory for dealers to call the HGS Contact Center to report the completion of a job, which is then verified by HGS after speaking to the customer. This has resulted in improving dealer efficiency and improving Mean Time to Close Call (MTCC). HGS agents are trained to gather feedback at each step till a complaint is closed to ensure a seamless experience.
HGS works with a third-party education and training provider to enroll every new recruit into an apprenticeship program in contact center operations. This leads to a nationally recognised qualification and opportunities for even more advanced training. Agents who successfully negotiate their apprenticeship and have a degree qualification, can also choose to undertake Six Sigma Lean training.


  • 93% quality achieved against an SLA of 85% 
  • 33% customer response rate as compared to the industry average of 3-4%making the product best in class and improving customer response to a product
  • 50% increase in Mean Time to Close Call

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