Case Study

Customer Complaint Resolution and Support for a Major Indian Automobile Manufacturer


The Indian automobile manufacturing industry is growing and companies are facing stiff competition in the industry. The level of competition requires automobile companies to continually innovate in both product development and in the way they support customers both pre and post purchase.


A leading Indian automotive manufacturer sought HGS to support their aim in improving customer satisfaction and retention to ensure a steady stream of revenue from existing client customers. The client wanted a partner who shared their commitment in providing 3600 support to customers. For this client, HGS offers multi-lingual complaints and response management and answers customer queries while offering quality overall customer experiences across India.

Our Solution

Complete support and assistance on breakdown calls
A vehicle breakdown is a major issue in post-purchase customer service in the automotive industry, and so this is the main focus area for the client. HGS provides rapid action support and solutions during customer vehicle breakdowns. We have constructed a four-level escalation system: first escalation at 48 hours, second is at 72 hours; third is at 96 hours; and the fourth escalation is at 120 hours to ensure maximum adherence to the client’s SLA on quick assistance for vehicle breakdowns. We also developed a proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system for the client, based on their customer support and issue resolution needs. This CRM is central to our breakdown support and issue resolution efforts.

Handling and resolving customer complaints
HGS handles customer complaints on products, the support network, spare parts, and sales. We categorize calls based on the nature of the complaint, which helps in better complaint/ response management. We also designed the format to deal with the complaints. HGS also assists with dealer coordination.

Fulfilling customer requests and answering queries
HGS also answers customers’ requests when they call for information on new vehicles and to inquire where they can find spare parts or purchase. HGS also set up an auto email trigger system that alerts dealers on customer requests ensuring that customer information requests are tended to and the loop is closed to customers’ satisfaction.
We also handle generic customer queries on dealerships, finance, support network, service products, careers, the client’s website, etc. These queries are handled by the HGS agent without any email triggers to the client. HGS provides customer care services during accidents as well .

Driving the feedback and CSAT process
HGS also supports customers by making outbound welcome calls to new customers and we source their feedback through an eight step questionnaire about the sales process, the expertise of service personnel, overall feedback to gauge CSAT, and the dealer from whom the customer bought the vehicle. We also suggested the client focus on existing customers with reminder calls about due service and calls to workshops to improve their TAT.
We stringently monitor call quality with call audits for every agent. We sample eight calls for every new agent with call quality buckets of A (90%), B (85-89%), and C (less than 85%) as benchmarks.

Sales support
HGS also connects with existing customers who own older vehicles and older engines. The old engine is recalled and customers are given the option to have the old engine reconditioned or they can opt for a new one at a reduced cost.

Strong training programmes
We provide rigorous training to agents, which includes three days of client training, on-the-job training, classroom training, live demos, and hands-on product experiences. Candidates have to pass both written and mock call drills to go live on the floor. HGS also provides refresher training for agents who fall behind on targets and scores.

Supporting the 'Tatkal' service
From 2011, we are also providing an emergency service called ‘Tatkal’, for vehicle breakdowns on all the National Highways (NH) in India. Whenever a vehicle breaks down on a national highway, the client’s service team responds to the customer within 4 hours of receiving the complaint. Vehicle restoration is completed within 48 hours. Failure of the service team in adhering to the 48-hour SLA results in a ₹1000 penalty per day.


  • 94% vehicle restoration rate
  • Customer response time increased to 99%
  • 90% calls answered in 30 seconds
  • 94% CSAT score achieved
  • 240 seconds AHT
  • 85% quality achieved
  • Vehicle restoration within 48 hours

We are continuously working on improving our proprietary CRM ensuring that it meets client requirements.

On July 2017, we added another LOB for this client called ‘Service Mandi’, which focuses on improving service by recruiting local mechanics who are certified by the client. To this end, we are in step with the client and the process has been ramped up by hiring more FTEs.

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