Case Study

Customer Satisfaction and Cost Savings


This client sought a partner to deliver customer experience excellence aligned with the company's goals of increasing customer satisfaction and improving overall service levels while reducing operating costs for technical support/ problem resolution services. The solution needed to address both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) customer bases using broadband and data solutions including end-to-end order provisioning for DSL and T1 products.

The scope of services HGS provides includes:

  • Full customer activation and deactivation including order conflict resolution and coordination with Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) to establish and deactivate services.
  • Customer service and technical support to wholesale Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including remote assistance, troubleshooting on orders in process with jeopardy status, issue diagnosis, and order lifecycle research to completion.
  • Tier 1 service for ISP partners and end users, including full case management for order administration, provisioning, and dispatch.
  • Inbound technical testing in partnership with ILEC technicians to perform joint acceptance testing for overall service integrity
  • Troubleshooting and repair for partner ISP service, including remote assistance and troubleshooting on configuration and end/user PC configuration, and escalations to repair, test network operations, dispatch client personnel and follow-up on end user inquires and escalations.
  • Repair case trouble ticket management, handling tickets opened by partners or end-users. Our front-line agents verify status, escalate ILEC tickets to resolve loop issues, troubleshoot DSL line issues, and follow-up with customers.

Using our Problem Cause Solution (PCS) approach, HGS identified consistent errors that were resulting in orders being misrouted or incorrectly flagged. We worked on reskilling the project workgroup, providing recommendations on proper service billing codes, and initiating dialogue between the vendor and the client`s legal department to resolve coding disputes. We provided agents with multiple skills to make an impact on overall operating costs by removing process re-work and duplication and cross training and re-training top performers. We also improved NPS using HGS customer service methodology and improving automation to reduce errors and eliminate customer requirements to repeat/ correct information at different stages in the support cycle.

  • 5 days quicker turnaround time
  • 45% improvement in install intervals
  • Over $550,000 in cost savings
  • Approximately 7% above target Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • 210% improved recovery rate at $450,000 in recovered revenue
  • 50% reduction in headcount due to multi-skill training

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