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Delivering Best in Class Social Customer Care

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What We Do

Our team of 20-30 full time social care agents provides monitoring, engagement, insights, and analytics (in English and Spanish) on the following social media sites: Client’s National Facebook Page, and Client’s House Facebook Pages, Twitter handles, and Instagram; as well as over 14,000 Local Restaurant Facebook Pages. The team also responds to Client’s Global Mobile App Reviews in Apple /Android Stores. We support 18-hour coverage, 7 days a week. One HGS team of 16 members is located at our newly built Digital Intelligence Hub in Peoria, Illinois, with the remainder of the team as well as our data analyst on site in Chicagoland. Both teams are connected digitally via video conferencing and, of course, social media.


  • Every 42 seconds, someone posts a comment or question on social media about client’s food. This equates to about 4 million mentions a year. The reality is not all of the mentions require a response from the brand, for example some customers simply tweet “I went to client’s restaurant today.” The business challenge comes down to limited resources. With such large volume, how do you filter through the noise to find the actionable posts?

  • Part of this large volume was coming from 14,000 local restaurant pages, where customers were demanding an answer to their question or a resolution to their bad customer experience. Client wanted a local feel—as though customers are talking with their neighborhood client on Facebook

  • In addition to the overwhelming volume, client also was noticing a social media increase in negative sentiment toward the brand and its products. There was an imminent need fora solution to help manage its online reputation

  • Client’s internal teams we’re demanding real-time insights on how the performance of specific campaigns were doing on social media.

To address these social media weaknesses, client turned to their 10-year partner – HGS – for help.



HGS brought the people, partners, expertise, process, tool, AI, automation, and analytics to address all of the obstacles client was encountering on social media.

People & Expertise

We hired a team of 20 (with a projected ramp to 30) brand ambassadors who possessed the right skills and talents needed to effectively engage on social media. We put them through an extensive three-week training program that included topics such as: understanding the top contact drivers, how to follow the rules of engagement manual, writing with use of the brand and local voice, spotting a crisis, engaging with influencers, and more. In addition, we brought on two leaders who possess more than 10 years social media experience with Fortune 100 brands to help design, run, and operate the program.


Our team put together a Social Customer Care Playbook that includes best practices from all 10+ years of experience. The Playbook includes: Rules of Engagement and Best Practices, Process and Workflow, Quality Management Program, Case Management and Design, Reporting & KPIs, Ideal Agent Profile, and Training Program.

AI & Automation

We partnered with a best-in-class social engagement platform which brought Artificial Intelligence to help us filter out the non-actionable posts leaving only engage-worthy messages. This tool also leverages rules- based routing and automation to help prioritize the post based on context and keywords and route to the right social care agents or internal teams, whether that’s customer care, marketing, or PR.

PR Partner

We leverage the expertise of a PR partner to help protect the brand from a crisis that goes viral while also amplifying the positive buzz by tapping into influencers and celebrities.


Using text analytics and a structured tagging system, we decode the voice of the customer and inform the enterprise on competitors and trends to help make operational business decisions. When a marketing campaign is launched, we track the voice of the customer in reference to the campaign and work in close coordination with client’s digital and marketing teams to track progress and effectiveness.


  • Millions in cost savings by filtering 10% more non-actionable posts and tagging via enhanced automation

  • 100% more reporting insights than ever before, including in depth voice of the customer reports helping drive important business decisions

  • 7 million engagements tagged and reviewed in 1st year, including owned and earned content

  • 5X response rate as previous solution

  • 815k likes, shares and comments from our responses

  • 2X faster response time due to content prioritization

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