Case Study

Delivering Cocreation Collaboration to Support Scale Reduce Costs by up to 50% for a Technology Client

Back Office

In 2017, an IT company was on the lookout for an outsourcing partner well versed in the understanding and execution of Intelligent Automation including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a solution. This technology company is digitally savvy and was keen on digitizing their mundane processes in order to bring in efficiency across their processes. This organization was seeking outside help to reduce shared services that had grown beyond the client’s strategy, as well as imbibe the culture of digital transformation through new age technology which helps in bringing process efficiency and at the same time help optimize the costs.

With in-house technical knowledge of their own, this technology company chose HGS as an RPA expert with a well-aligned skillset to deliver intelligent backoffice automation solutions. Only 2 years later, this unlimited partnership cites operational impact of 70 bots across approx. 25+processes automated for in some cases up to 50% cost savings and dramatic process improvements as outcomes that will continue to achieve significant return on client investment.


How We Do It

Post the highly successful pilot implementation, the client officially tasked HGS with deploying the process. HGS began working on a number of processes in less than a year, fast-tracking multiple client processes. Today, HGS supports multiple automation phases: design, development, deployment, change management, control room monitoring and maintenance. We have innovated design thinking approaches and provided customized, tailor-made back-office automation solutions, improving the efficiency of their processes. With the success of our initial pilot, the client trusted HGS to deploy RPA across the all the other processes.

HGS and the client’s journey has continued with increasing trust and transparency. The client has set up a transformation COE after partnering with HGS, which is a major highlight in a client and solution provider partnership. The client and HGS teams are well aligned, from governance to strategy, including, continuous communication and frequent face-to-face meetings with the client. The client company’s executive members are part of the governance committee that is involved in addressing challenges in the partnership signalling deep commitment and involvement of the client.

Business Result

HGS’s design thinking and automation approach and expertise have benefitted the client across numerous processes. We have automated multiple processes which has resulted in better turnaround time due to 24/7 operations, improved average handle time, and reduction in touch time—all to significantly improve efficiency.

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