Case Study

Delivering Healthy Babies, Brand Promises, and a Unified Customer Experience


Danone, an internationally recognizable nutrition and sustenance company, sought to strengthen, unify, and grow their already outstanding customer service center that provides accurate, empathetic, individualized support. They wanted to improve continuity of service, deliver on the brand promise every time, and monitor and measure their progress and consistency.

HGS provided a unified digital customer engagement strategy that seamlessly combined high-empathy interaction through digital assist chat, voice, and email to support parents as they navigate through the first 1000 days of a baby's life. The new digital engagement added 24/7 access and made it easier than ever before for customers to connect with Danone. To build the skills required for managing highly emotional and complex medical-related issues and to create high-impact CX, HGS hired a team of midwives, nutritionists, and care specialists and developed a training program to support them.

HGS Digital Natural Assist (DNA)

Using the HGS DNA platform, customer ambassadors were provided with important contextual insights. Empowered by data and knowledge, they were able to provide better support and advice to customers on calls.

  • Net Promoter scores exceeded expectations by more than 140%
  • Achieved 90+% CSAT score
  • Grew the business through positive word of mouth
  • Helped the client become more competitive with reports generated through our technical consulting