Case Study

Delivering Industry- Leading Customer Experience for CPG Leader


In 2015, one of the top global beauty and personal care companies sought a new business process management (BPM) partner to support the consumers of its wide ranging product lines, including high-end, luxury, active, natural/ organic, mass market, and professional. Increasing online engagement and improving quality consistency were key drivers. This client was looking for a business process management (BPM) company that mirrored their own vision, focused on engagement and loyalty to make products and services more accessible, sustainable, and innovative as consumer needs and desires evolve.

Based on HGS’s experience with similar brands and industries, proximity to the client’s UK headquarters, excellent track record of results, and innovative digital solutions, the client awarded the business to HGS. Today, HGS provides 30+ brand ambassadors passionate about beauty and customer care, high calibre pre- and post- purchase advice based on detailed product knowledge and cutting-edge technology. HGS has shifted the client to digital, with chat and social media solutions to support ambassadorship and advocacy. Our high calibre pre- and post-purchase advice is based on detailed product knowledge and cutting-edge technology. Currently, we have scaled our expertise to support 32 different brands, at all phases of the customer journey—from Engage to Retain.


How We Do It 

HGS introduced digital channels that the client’s customer’s demanded— including chat and social media. The team monitors and engages with consumers through chat and social channels, to support the client’s Head of Marketing challenge to all departments to become more digitally focused. By ensuring no more than two concurrent chats at any one time, the team can have an empathetic dialogue with the customer. Additionally, the teams are encouraged to try and deal with the issue first time within the chat and not to have to ask the customer to switch channel (for example, advisors can send/receive pictures and provide evidence of receipts on the chat when dealing with issues or refund requests).

HGS has become a true partner in delivering excellent customer care and a reliable source for innovative technologies and ideas. Despite ramping up at peak periods, HGS has met the client’s expectations in providing reliable and engaging consumer care. HGS has: 

• Extended the client’s customer care team with minimal investment— There is a seamless flow of information between HGS and client teams.

• Expanded their hours of operation—HGS now provides social media coverage on weekends.

• Introduced new technologies without having to make capital expenditures—HGS implemented a knowledgebase for both client and HGS resources.

• Increased the quality and speed of engagement—Quality scores are improving, and handle times for all five channels are decreasing as agents acquire brand experience.