Case Study

Delivering Significant Cost Savings for Sustainable Agriculture Company


A rapidly growing sustainable agriculture company turned to HGS in 1998 for scalable contact center support that would help the company contain costs and allow them to focus on their core business. A year later, HGS opened a dedicated operation in St. Louis, MO, located just three miles from client headquarters. Today, services comprise supply chain operations supporting the client end consumer and client dealer networks.

The client was looking for a partner to:

  • Manage large-scale marketing campaigns by providing program support.
  • Provide standardized and adhoc reports to field teams with real-time sales reporting and budgeting.
  • Facilitate communication with cross-functional teams with more streamlining.
  • Train field agents on program guidelines and platforms through product and process experts.
  • Monitor program guidelines to ensure compliance.


Integral to this partnership’s success has been our agriculturally experienced team providing product and technology usage support for growers and retailers. The in-depth expertise ranges from customer support to field sales and dealer systems support. This company looked to HGS innovation and technical support to resolve inventory inefficiencies that drove significant waste and redundancy for the organization and dealers alike.

1. Breakthrough Cost Savings

How We Do It
HGS developed inventory automation through a long/short database. Employing real-time product visibility, this database
identifies dealers long on seed and puts these dealers in touch with dealers who are short on seed. This breakthrough
solution contributed directly to our client’s bottom line— driving approximately $11 million in savings. Since the onset
of our collaboration, we have built more than 100 companywide databases, focused on inventory. We also worked out a productivity dashboard that tracked team and agent productivity

Business Result
By automating inventory management, HGS increased the efficiency of the entire process. As a result, the client gained $11 million in cost savings. As a value-add, the tool is a critical technical competency for our client—one that continues to deliver savings and strategic market advantage. The other company databases and the productivity dashboard helped improve efficiency and thus saved costs through access to relevant data and better monitoring of team/ agent performance.

2. Order Efficiency

How We Do It
As a critical component of our everyday work for this client, HGS owns the order process from the stage of customer request to delivery. We increase sales and positively influence indirect sales through continued support to logistics. HGS coordinates global delivery ensuring that the sales promise is met. Order delivery coordination requires planned order scheduling to meet customers’ needs and make sure that there are no misses or clashes in delivery.

HGS also handles inventory management, trade, and compliance for this client.

Business Result
HGS ownership of the entire chain from customer request till delivery ensures we provide the client’s customers with
coordinated, consistent performance. Our efficient logistics handling and order management help us reduce the average
time taken to process orders by 50%, decrease average number of holds by 80%, and support 120,000 transactions across 40,000 orders annually.

3. Reduction in Claims Processing Time

How We Do It
HGS introduced process improvements to enhance customer and retailer experience. We are the primary contact for claims, which are forms filed by farmers for seed compensation of lost crops, thereby increasing the efficiency of the process. HGS also developed and documented the claims program and, along with claims and payment processing, HGS also did quality assurance testing for the customer proprietary claims model.

Business Result
We administered claims payments totaling over $132 million. We reduced claims processing time by 50% and also processed over 40,000 claims submissions annually.

4. More Efficient Employee Training

How We Do It
HGS translates client ideas to documented processes to promote consistency and quality of execution, which facilitates consistency in performance. We perform SWOT analyses on internal and external documents to identify opportunities for improvement. We also review client provided process documents to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Doing this helps maintain consistency in training processes and documents. We work on creating hightech, innovative ways to document and communicate processes.

Business Result
Our commitment to turn client ideas into documented processes resulted in us producing hundreds of process documents — many for the first time. Multiple learning styles were accommodated by creating instructor-led self-study documents. Our training efforts were supplemented by videos. Increased training efficiency led to reduced employee training time by 33%.

5. Scale to Support Growth

How We Do It
HGS provided technical support of client or competitor developed applications, which included IT, product and various applications’ support. We helped bring about consistency in technology used by the client and their partners by promoting eSolution applications to over 15,500 dealers and growers. HGS also provided system user support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution services.

Business Result
Due to our consistent technology support, we could increase current customer covered acres to 5 million from 60,000 in three months. Promoting eSolution applications among client partners was beneficial in making communication easier – we connected 9000+ times annually with the 750+ active eSolution dealers. There was also a 12% increase YOY of eSolutions dealer base. Consistency in application usage helped HGS drive visibility to available inventory and re-orders.