Case Study

Driving E-Commerce Evolution, Growth for a UK Clothing Retailer


The partnership between HGS and an authentic yoga clothing company started in 2009 when the company came to HGS for customer experience transformation, starting with a revamped digital presence. This business was looking to grow and expand their category beyond the UK and into the Asian market. At this time, there was room for growth, as the company’s online presence was an ineffectual product showcase and sales tool, with problems such as recessed global navigation, no carousel banner control or search options, and weak product categorization. The client was hoping HGS could redevelop and define the brand identity, while boosting e-commerce revenue with a revamped website.

Our Solution
As early adopters of innovative e-commerce, HGS had the creative e-commerce solutions to make a dramatic difference, starting with the technical talent to build a new e-commerce portal on a Magento platform.


1. Search Engine Optimization 

How We Do It

The retailer was looking for a redefined brand identity and revenue boost, with a robust website to drive and support this rebranding and sales growth.
HGS built a completely new portal and presence using a Magento platform, ensuring that a brand image was created and maintained with a fully functional and SEO-enabled web site, with relevant performing keywords, extensive statistics and analysis, and quality link building. HGS next provided integrated third-party expertise for a shipping, billing, and payment gateway, enabling the new site to support trader profiles.

Business Result

With HGS’s efforts, website visits have spiked by 148 percent, with significantly improved website search ranking. Additionally, new visitors have increased by 30 percent in the last quarter of 2014, with 60 percent of visits from mobile devices due to the optimized mobile-friendly design by HGS. Increased brand awareness and visibility include penetration of new customer segments.


2. Increased Sales Conversions

How We Do It
The client’s objective was to sustain any e-commerce improvements with strong SEO rankings, online communication, and visibility.
HGS built features such as selective discount visibility, a loyalty points system, and CSR-supported grievance redressal. Additionally, the HGS team enabled and ensured seamless communication with existing POS/ ERP/CRM systems. Customer engagement has been expanded with digital communication, which has been extended and is ongoing, with email campaigns and banners for themed events, festivals, and discount pricing. Proactive chat has been added as an e-commerce monitoring tool to reduce cart abandonment, and customer are engaged with a proactive digital assist chat and user-friendly “Contact us” support.

Business Result

The dramatic increase in website visits combined with enhanced support to reduce shopping cart abandonment resulted in a 113 percent increase in sales conversions.


3. Multi-Warehouse Inventory Control

How We Do It
We created a location-specific product inventory module with location specific prices through a multi-warehouse.
A multi-warehouse module was added, with country-specific tools and a system that fully supports complicated buyer profiles. Powerful admin tools are used, as well as integrated loyalty point systems.

Business Result

This client partner’s customers have an optimized experience via the ability to view products available in their geography, matched to suppliers who can more effectively and efficiently manage their orders.


Today, this collaboration is a clear case in point of e-commerce success, with a 113% sales increase to set the company on pace for accelerated brand awareness and growth. The company’s brand image and identity has helped develop a foothold in new markets. A new e-commerce payment platform and user-friendly engagement, SEO, and monitoring all supported by multi-warehouse support, has yielded incremental revenue via new participation and significant retention gains.
Looking ahead, this partnership has bright horizons, as HGS continues to advise on new strategies and develop innovative solutions. As one example, HGS created for this client a mobile-friendly solution and apps several years back, when competitors had not yet made these inroads.