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Driving New Revenue, Efficiencies, and Industry-Leading CX


Driving New Revenue, Efficiencies, and  Industry-Leading CX


In the hyper-competitive coffee marketplace, being industry leading means providing a perfect blend of compelling brand differentiation, exceptional product quality and diversity, coupled with customer service that always exceeds the customers’ expectations. In 2016, a global premium coffee pioneer’s goal was to build on its solid brand reputation for sophistication, combined with it’s well-known coffee aficionado community spirit.

The customer service mission was clear: partner with a leading customer experience management expert to build long-lasting loyalty and international growth. HGS and our Selkirk location were chosen for a winning combination of customer care excellence - combining brand led experiences, technical troubleshooting expertise and strong sales capabilities, as well as workforce management, technical, and digital expertise.

In just two years, HGS’s winning combination of 24x7, agile service excellence and digital expertise have driven real outcomes for this client. HGS is a preferred provider, saving 50% in no-trouble-found (NTF) unit service, and generating a 14%-over-goal in sales revenue - all while exceeding customer expectations and off-the-charts satisfaction.

How We Do It

With monthly sales targets, customer data, enticing sales incentives, scripts and tools to convert, and advisors sensitive to potential objections, the HGS team generates substantial revenues for the client. 
As incentives, HGS advisors get free coffee on the job, discounts on capsules for home use and 40% off coffee machines. Advisors compete for quality and sales awards, participate in contests, track progress on leaderboards, and attend daily review meetings to discuss performance and targets. Sales responsibilities are blended with other customer service duties so that customer conversations flow more naturally and advisors have many opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell and hone their sales skills over time.

Business Result

Due to the shipping and maintenance issues, HGS has created efficiencies for the client to drive up to 50% cost savings. With our custom insights and reporting, HGS provides the client a foundation for enhanced research and development and product improvement. As a result, HGS outperforms an outside vendor as well as the client’s own in-house service, to achieve preferred provider status.

On the training front, HGS has worked with the client to shorten 14 days of initial training on products, company info, coffee flavours, equipment, soft skills, and procedures to 8.5 days by asking advisors with 6 months of experience to cut material. Armed with this feedback, HGS piloted a new course and measured the quality impact of the changes. Additionally, HGS advised on the PCI setup at the client’s office by suggesting methods of streamlining capture of credit card information. We suggested having customers enter their own credit card by phone so advisor never see or hear the card number.

Looking Ahead

This client partnership continues to expand, with HGS looking to layer in new technical and digital innovations and reintroduce advanced metrics. This should yield data that drives additional revenue increases and cost savings. The client also is in discussions with HGS to build on our digital portfolio with Social Media Customer Service. HGS will continue to be an unlimited partner and brand ambassador to employ our people, process, and technology to drive breakthrough results for this client.


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