Case Study

Driving New Revenue, Efficiencies, and Industry-Leading CX



In the hyper-competitive coffee marketplace, being industry leading means providing a perfect blend of compelling brand differentiation, exceptional product quality and diversity, coupled with customer service that always exceeds the customers’ expectations. In 2016, a global premium coffee pioneer’s goal was to build on its solid brand reputation for sophistication, combined with it’s well-known coffee aficionado community spirit. The customer service mission was clear: partner with a leading customer experience management expert to build long-lasting loyalty and international growth. HGS and our Selkirk location were chosen for a winning combination of customer care excellence - combining brand led experiences, technical troubleshooting expertise and strong sales capabilities, as well as workforce management, technical, and digital expertise.

In just two years, HGS’s winning combination of 24x7, agile service excellence and digital expertise have driven real outcomes for this client. HGS is a preferred provider, saving 50% in no-trouble-found (NTF) unit service, and generating a 14%-over-goal in sales revenue - all while exceeding customer expectations and off-the-charts satisfaction.