Case Study

Driving Revenue through Customer Experience

Banking Financial


Our history with this worldwide financial services company dates back to 2001, starting with a small program in the Philippines handling general bill payments and enrollment via phone, billing inquiries, and complaints for U.S. based credit card holders.

Specifically, this client took an in-depth look at NetPromoter Scores (NPS©) within their credit card client base. They determined that incremental increases in their NPS score would result in increased spend from their card members directly tying revenue to NPS. This client needed a strategic partner with intimate understanding of their customer base to help achieve their goals.

AT A GLANCES Provides:

• Inbound Customer and Corporate Phone Care

• Tier 2 Escalations Support

• English Support

• Cross-Selling/ Up-Selling

• 7 x 24 Support Hours



HGS had evolved to support this diverse client’s evolving customer demands, over voice, 24x7, in English. Today we provide support for all card member inquiries, including membership rewards, payment and balance inquiries, and replacement cards.

Our Philippines location staffs a specialty Escalation group handling calls from card members wishing tospeak to a supervisor as well as assist calls from agents requiring more detailed product knowledge.

When this client’s focus shifted to driving higher on-target NPS, we turned to the data. An in-depth approach to data mining and analysis helped our team identify the key drivers of performance, allowing us to develop targeted action plans. With strategic coaching plans, we helped drive NPS results to the next level.

Performance Coaching Certification for Supervisors:

The coaching path is designed to grow the leadership potential in our team leaders and managers.This program teaches good leaders to become great and get the most from their teams.

Web Central Portal:

Internally developed program dashboard that houses various reports and analytics. This portal housed and allowed for easy management of the data that drove the results.

Performance Management System:

Internally developed Quality and Customer Satisfaction dashboard through which we managed direct performance feedback and developed action plans to address agent/ team-specific trends, ensuring a consistent customer experience across the program.

Advanced Speech Analytics:

Leveraging advanced speech analytics against the type of inquiry, product, and specific team or agent, we were able to identify, and influence customer satisfaction, call abandonment, upsell/ cross-sell, NPS and ultimately customer experience trends. Our approach to each customer interaction became less transactional and more interactive. By using analytics and business intelligence to identify spend patterns, agents are able to ask the right probing questions, enabling them to present the right offer at the right time

We manage the entire customer lifecycle including:

  • Customer Rewards

  • Customer Care

  • Billing

  • Financial and Travel Support

  • Activations

  • Retention

  • Partner Product Support

  • Cross Selling and Upselling


For this financial giant, HGS was able to improve our sites’ NPS year over year, consistently ranking among the top three sites across the enterprise.

Speech Analytics, combined with strategic coaching plans, would play a significant part in driving NPS results to the next level.

This client recognized that, through our speech analytics and other unique approaches to driving NPS, we proactively identify and manage issues before they become problems. This proactive insight helps to deliver adirect and significant impact on the business.

  • We demonstrated a proven track record in delivering stellar sales and value generation performance and customer satisfaction when compared to the internal client center.

  • This client has identified HGS’s contributions and commitment as having a significant impact on theirwinning the JD Power award for customer service excellence for 9 consecutive years.

  • HGS consistently ranks high among other sites.