Case Study

Driving Sales Conversion Spike, Enhanced CSAT for Travel and Transit Leader

Travel and Hospitality

In 2008, a North American travel and intercity transportation leader was looking to drive both cost savings and revenue while also expanding service across the United States. HGS was chosen as the preferred provider to bolster customer service and cater to customers with Spanish language support. On day one, HGS launched operations in Barranquilla, Colombia, with 30 FTEs. The partnership has grown to include a broader array of services, such as backoffice skills and social media management, including French customer language support in 2017. Today, more than 1.9 million of these client’s customers are served by our representatives. 

HGS serves as a true partner and revenue-generating center, averaging 72% CSAT and beating client sales conversion goals by 2% and 34% in the premium line.

Partnership Start: 2008
Location: Barranquilla, Colombia
Team Members: 120 FTEs providing English, Spanish, and French support

  • Inbound Calls: Fares and Schedule Inquiries, Sales, Website Support, Baggage Claims, Complaints
  • Outbound Support: Special Assistance for Passengers with Disabilities
  • Back-Office: Processing of Customer Service Cases, Social Media Management



Revenue Generation 34%  in Sales Conversion for Their Premium Bus Line (Goal 30%)

How We Do It

HGS’s approach to support sales performance improvements include training modifications comprising more sales-focused scripting such as credit card prompting. Agents are trained to gauge willingness of customers to engage in the direct sales approach. Screen prompts enable agents to share price change benefits for more ticket purchases.

Beating Client Goal in Sales Conversion by 2%  (Goal 8%)

Business Result

The client’s initial sales conversion goal was 8%, and once HGS proved our success in this key area, the goal was increased to 9%. Today, HGS exceeds this client goal at 10%. In addition, the client’s initial CSAT goal was 70%, and once HGS proved our success in this key area, the goal was increased to 72%. Today, the HGS average is 72%.

Automation Efficiencies
Reduced Complaint Resolution Turnaround Time, Exceeded Client Goal by  30%

How We Do It

The client had a backlog of written complaints, and HGS was tasked with faster turnaround for improved customer satisfaction. HGS took on backoffice resolution with an autobot and workflow reengineering to reallocate files. With more comprehensive complaint information at the agent desktop, HGS was able to shorten brand response to customer issues.

Business Result

Post HGS’s automation process to reallocate complaints and provide more complete complaint detail to agents, we were able to shorten complaint turnaround time and beat the client’s service level goal of 30 days—at 21 days, to exceed goal by 30%.

CSAT Excellence
Achieved 72% CSAT,
Beat Client Goal by 2%

How We Do It

In addition to our automation efficiencies for complaints, combined with more focused agent training and engagement, HGS also launched a new phone platform and introduced our HGS SOCIAL capabilities to the mix. Overall, our “empathetic problem solver” agents combine a deft, warm service touch while also problem solving and driving sales increases.

Business Result

Today HGS beats the client’s CSAT score by 2%, for an impressive 72% score.


Under HGS’s leadership we have made the client more competitive, as indicated by the 11 awards we won in 2018 alone. Among 25 vendors, HGS was recently named “Most Effective Center to Provide Most Revenues” for this client.


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