Case Study

Driving Value Maximization with Cocreation Model


In 2015, a Fortune 100 financial services leader was undergoing an organization-wide change imperative. To accelerate the pace of innovation, this client was evaluating consultants to support a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative. Already an HGS client partner, this organization already understood HGS’s operational capabilities—including our success driving transformation with design thinking. After a 30-day Proof of Concept (PoC) to showcase how our intelligent automation expertise would address existing limitations with the approach/systems/environments, the client experienced firsthand our sustainable value creation. With a vision for an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), the client charged HGS with this high-profile initiative. 

From the outset, our role was two-fold, and we acted as both an advisor and project leader to collaborate with the client’s newly formed unit charged with launching RPA companywide. HGS worked with the client to identify and select the right opportunities for automation. Processes automated were business operations related as well as functions. HGS also participated in internal support functions already identified for various verticals within the life insurance division. 

Our Solution 

HGS provided dedicated design and development resources to support the client’s RPA CoE. We led the project with a consultative approach that included lead identifying and validating processes, bot architecture design, development, implementation, testing, documentation, maintaining and monitoring installed bots post launch where necessary. 

The scope of our RPA work for the client crosses client workstreams such as product build, claims management, rules based underwriting, follow-up correspondence, Agent/Broker Commission management, Trading process, Premium Payments & Settlements, Multiple Report generation across the core part of insurance operations. Also, some of the core Finance and Accounting processes such as account reconciliation, wire and check payments processing, automated clearing house processes, voucher management, and reporting. 

The HGS automation solutions suite—focused on design thinking and value maximization—is as follows: 

Overall RPA Consulting Services 

  • Support with RPA CoE set-up. 
  • Standardize RPA practices. 
  • Identify opportunities across client estate. 

RPA Design Services 

  • Support RPA design activities. 
  • Manage projects for end-to-end RPA lifecycle. 

RPA Development Services 

  • Create bot architecture and end-to-end bot development. 
  • Conduct user acceptance tests, production transition, and production implementation. 

RPA Maintenance 

  • Support bot maintenance activities. 
  • Troubleshoot, root cause analysis, with fixes applied, testing, and deployment. 

RPA Change Management Services 

• Support periodic change management activities for bots resulting from system upgrades and process and scope changes. 

With the RPA work underway, HGS worked closely with the client to address the anticipated RPA culture shift challenge—amidst an outdated environment of archaic, legacy mainframe apps. To do this, we leveraged our vast and deep RPA design and development expertise, employing talented team members with business, design thinking, IT, analytics, and process re-engineering background and credentials from premier India educational institutions. We supported the client’s shared services focus by, from day one, bridging siloes and earning the trust of internal stakeholders. The client’s own team was impressed with our resource availability, short ramp across multiple projects, fast scale, and niche market focus. 


HGS has been a preferred and unlimited partner, helping the client achieve goals across all the RPA projects including: cost avoidance, enhancing quality, reducing TAT, and enhancing customer experience. As a result of our support, HGS has continued to significantly scale RPA projects in just two years. To further demonstrate our performance excellence, HGS’s resources enhancement has grown substantially. With HGS’s strategic focus on process efficiencies, we were ultimately able to minimize the correlation between staffing and growth. 

HGS-Client Co-creation 

With the HGS-client partner collaboration, a CoE was created and continues to drive value. As
a partner trusted for our cocreation and design thinking, the client continually solicits strategy, suggestions, and feedback. This strong partnership has turned culture, labor, and shared services challenges into opportunities for the client. Today HGS also leads client education on RPA design/ development activities and participated in internal road shows during the initial stages. The client values our role as an RPA innovation hub and continues to lean on us to build an intelligent automation strategy that outperforms in savings and growth—by all measures, the indicators of a successful partnership.