Case Study

Empowering Beauty Brand Managers and Salon Franchisees with Data


This client contacted HGS wanting to increase their market share, improve call quality and customer satisfaction, and increase engagement with salon franchisees. Starting in June 2015, HGS’s experienced beauty team committed to delivering a comprehensive beauty experience and to feeding data to brand managers.

HGS offers salon support by equipping the franchises and experts for success. On behalf of the client, HGS agents triage salon questions and document concerns in the client’s new customer relationship management (CRM) software introduced by HGS. We were engaged to conduct outbound customer satisfaction surveys for salons and we processed at least 5000 surveys each month. Measuring customers’ first impressions and level of satisfaction with the salons informs product development, campaign design, and market share improvements overall.

HGS provides inbound customer care services with more than 150 agents helping customers use, find, and select products and salons. These same agents also process complaints and damage reports, refer customers to specialists, and recommend alternative products within the wider portfolio.

  • Improved flow of data for brand managers through self-service brand dashboards
  • Professional, thoughtful outbound list management
  • Reliable, modern technology (e.g., new reporting dashboard, CRM, and survey software)
  • Redundancy and scalability in the agent pool (e.g., to accommodate increased volumes in the winter)
  • Call quality levels that consistently meet or exceed the client’s thresholds
  • Delightful experiences for both customers and franchisees (NPS has improved 3% since HGS has been involved in the program)
  • A detailed, fulsome, end-to-end process manual for all queries to promote consistency across agents