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Establishing a Strong Digital Presence & Generating Leads Through Marketing Campaigns

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As a new entrant in the education market in India, this non-banking financial organization was looking to stand out and make a mark in a highly competitive and established market space. When they connected with HGS, they were looking to create brand awareness and reach out to potential students and parents. They didn’t have a large online footprint to start with and were actively looking to grow their visibility in search engine rankings as well as social media platforms.

As a strategic, creative and communications partner, HGS quickly gathered information about the brands USP’s, key audiences and touchpoints. Basis of this, HGS conceptualized a communication and creative thought for simple, clear and cohesive messages to create awareness and brand recall value. 

Only a year into this partnership, HGS has positioned this client partner as a trustworthy leader in the education loans space with the communication campaign across digital media platforms: ReadyForTheWorld.



How We Do It

To promote this client’s prime student loan approval in under 24 hours, HGS built a video campaign that featured two students, one who is diligent and stressed about his future and the other who is calm and ready for the real world because he knows that his education loan provider has his back. Through this relatable story, the loan provider was able to create indistinguishable brand prominence and generate relevant leads.

This challenge was solved in three steps:

• Communication across digital platforms about quick and hassle-free student loan approvals in a creative, relatable manner

• Use of this thought leadership to create awareness and brand recall among potential students and their parents.

• Achievement of contact form submissions and Facebook lead form submissions

Business Result

HGS achieved significant brand awareness for this client, including more than 2.5 million video views and nearly 8,000 Twitter mentions. As a result, HGS’s unlimited partnership approach has captured more than 5,000 leads for this client.

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