Case Study

Expecting the Unexpected During a New Site Launch


Due to consistently exceptional performance, HGS was asked by the client to take on 100% of this financial giant’s Canadian outsourced contacts. Representing a 67% increase over current volumes for a demanding and prestigious brand, this migration had to be executed impeccably over the coming months.

HGS followed a proven and refined migration methodology, which included site selection, construction/ build out, IT setup and configuration, recruitment, staffing, training, program launch, and management. Leveraging a cross-functional group of dedicated experts, HGS created a tailored road map to support this migration’s success. Despite a lengthy client purchasing cycle, HGS was able to remain responsive and flexible to support the aggressive timelines. HGS selected, outfitted, and recruited for two sites (primary and secondary) and designed training plans, within the client’s phased timeline.

We ensured that any setbacks that occurred didn’t hamper the migration schedule. We also absorbed the cost of training and nurturing of a select group of agents within another HGS site supporting the same client. HGS ramped up the existing site with sufficient staff to support initial volumes before the new site was fully ready. This allowed the client to decommission the incumbent vendor and migrate volumes to HGS ahead of schedule, minimizing potential performance concerns through the cutover.

  • Within 120 days of program launch, the new delivery teams had adjusted and were meeting or exceeding client targets and expectations, on par with the existing site
  • Hired and trained the required 180 agents and developed contingency plans to overcome a delay in IT system installments over a period of 6 months
  • Seamless migration was completed ahead of the client’s expectations

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