Case Study

Forging Personal, Unforgettable Connections with Luxury Goods Consumers



An outsourced contact center solution should reflect the company, brands, and customers it serves. A successful, luxury international vehicle manufacturer looking to extend its brand in Europe has a multitude of outsourcing options—options that span countries, languages, lines of business, technologies, partners, and channels.

The client manufactures inspirational, upscale vehicles with striking lines, the latest onboard technologies, and distinctive performance. They strive to shape the total ownership experience by always exceeding expectations. Indeed, they provide a concierge-type service focused on reducing the work and hassle in owning a vehicle (dealers drop vehicles off at customer homes!)-they want a contact center that defies convention, lightens the customer burden, and redefines the premium segment.

Current and would-be customers know the products, recognize the competitive options, and can easily discern high quality. The young affluent, worldly professionals the client seeks to do business with expect the best. They want elegant statement vehicles with style and power. They demand prompt, reliable, and tailored attention.

With these considerations in mind, the client chose to facilitate voice, email, and text chat engagements to forge personal, unforgettable connections. But, they also selected an approach quite new to the industry—video chat engagements.