Case Study

Good Health for Virgin Health Bank


About the Client

Our client is one of the few companies in the UK that offers its customers the opportunity to collect and cryogenically preserve their children’s stem cells at birth.

What the client was looking for…

The client required a partner that could:

  • Act as a source of stem cell information along with providing the client’s customers constant reassurance
  • Be involved at every stage of the process and ensure accurate documentation and procedure compliance
  • Coordinate among medical professionals, arrange for the distribution of collection kits to hospitals arrange for the successfully collected samples to be delivered to the client’s storage center
  • Help parents choose between a private (own use), community (for any family member) or the client’s Community Bank deposit (for any needy individual)
  • Develop strong and trusted relationships with the client’s customers

How HGS delivered…

  • Recruited agents with biology backgrounds who could also pass stringent bi-annual examinations by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA)
  • Supported the client through a five-step procedure that includes application, sample collection, sample validity testing, certificate issuance and support when a family has to use its sample
  • Provided information to help parents make the choice between private, community or the client’s Community Bank storage option

How the business transformed…

  • The client’s monthly collections nearly doubled within the first year
  • Ensured a zero complaints rate and a 100% compliance rate
  • Accomplished 98% first time resolution
  • Saw growth in repeat business as many parents came back to use the client’s services for other children

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