Case Study

HGS Advances Paint Company with Breakthrough Digital Expertise



With more than 100 years of history, a leading paint manufacturer in India was stalled in terms of digital presence and online growth. While ranking high in the industry overall, the company’s digital performance was weak. In 2013, this company came to HGS looking for a 360-degree transformation and kick start to digital success. HGS answered with digital strategy and innovation that delivered, boosting the company to its current number 2.


HGS outlined a 360-degree digital transformation plan, led by content marketing and a profile to resonate with the target audience. This involved gaining a front-line perspective of customer needs, by conducting a consumer study. Based on the customer study, HGS built a profile of the client’s online consumers and developed a content strategy that would resonate with the target audience.

HGS developed the “7th sense of imagination” content strategy. This theme focused on equating colors to different human senses within a responsive website that established strong, end-to-end branding. In conjunction with the website, HGS launched a blog with content to grow the company’s online presence. Additionally, HGS had influential guest bloggers write exclusive content for the client and share it with their followers. This increased the variety of the content and grew the consumer base organically. Social media marketing was supported by event-based campaigns, including features that engaged customers allowing testing of paint colors in room photos, and gamification.