Case Study

HGS and CPG Leader Achieve the CX WOW Factor



With a company mission to make a difference in people’s lives through nutrition, a global CPG leader required a specialist partner to provide such a big brand promise at scale. Ultimately, this industry major wanted to find better ways to support customers, gather insight and feedback, promote healthy living, and increase positive word-of-mouth, one customer at a time.

30 FTEs from HGS’s CX Centre of Excellence in Chiswick, London

Before HGS, this company operated its in-house contact centre in a siloed manner, with one part-time midwife on hand, and employees pulled from other departments, when needed. The contact centre only offered phone and email support to consumers. In 2014, the client engaged HGS to provide a 24/7, omnichannel, modern customer experience to represent the brand and meet the expectations set by consumers today. It was the first time the client had outsourced its customer experience, and a new way of spreading brand awareness and helping consumers was born.

From day one of the partnership, HGS set the tone for partnership alignment and service excellence through a unique combination of clinical skills and customer care expertise. HGS started by creating a new centralised, customer experience-focused team of midwives, nutritionists, and health care professionals to offer the level of care required. The team are certified by World Health Organisation and NHS Guidelines, comprising 30 FTEs from HGS’s CX Centre of Excellence in Chiswick, London.

Next, HGS developed and delivered a training program with the client. The objective was to maximise the skillset of our new front-line team, whilst transforming their passion for helping parents and babies, into the specialist skillset required to deliver exceptional customer care in a contact centre environment. It was also essential that the team were fully trained on various technologies and contact channels, so that no matter on the communication channel of preference, the team would be blended and able to deliver a truly omnichannel experience (an experience that has been recognised with awards).
Even beyond this, HGS has bolstered traditional email and voice channels with new channels that customer asked for, including Chat and WhatsApp support. In fact, WhatsApp now accounts for more than 60% of  all contact, which is industry leading.


How We Do It

WhatsApp Solution

With a base of customers who have busy lives, we quickly found that phone conversations would get interrupted or cut short, due to the demand of young babies. We needed an effortless solution where conversations could stop/start, ensuring consumer got the right answers, when they need them.

In 2016, HGS and this client partner jointly hosted a quarterly consumer focus group. We asked a group of the client’s customers, “If we went digital, what channel would be most helpful?” WhatsApp was the clear winner, and, as a result, we launched a WhatsApp support channel. WhatsApp has been highly successful as the usage, feedback, and satisfaction scores suggest.

Today’s fast-paced consumers are now known as Generation CX. Parents were a clear demographic for an App Messaging solution; however, there is huge potential for other organisations to meet this generation’s service expectations. This highly personalised, synchronous/asynchronous, secure, efficient, and innovative method of communication is not only fiscally palatable, but also a brand builder.

WhatsApp accounts  for 60% of all contact

Business Result The resulting effortless experience comprises traditional voice and email channels as well as HGS Chat and WhatsApp. Both Chat and WhatsApp volumes are growing, with WhatsApp accounting for 60% of all inbound contacts. This optimised, asynchronous CX exceeds expectations, and, most importantly, drives greater brand affinity and loyalty.

How We Do It

  • A Highly Qualified & People Focused Team 
  • HGS delivers 92% CSAT, against a target of 85

The HGS team answer questions from customers and retailers/pharmacies and also processes complaints—whether it involves processing returns, arranging for product testing at the factory, or issuing vouchers or refunds. Other calls are related to conception, pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, troubling symptoms and behaviour, sleeping, teething, and switching to solid food. The HGS midwives even explain ultrasounds, answer questions of a sexual nature, and assist with pregnancy complications, labour, and medical crisis calls. 
HGS’s dedicated, skilled, clinically trained staff averages approximately 30 FTEs, but also ramps up to 60 FTEs for peak periods. This dedicated team of midwives, nutritionists, and healthcare professionals are certified by the World Health Organisation and NHS guidelines. 
New employees work alongside experienced staff (half of whom have worked for the client since inception). Advisors must maintain an 85% quality score, with emphasis placed on representing the client’s values and maintaining a consistent voice of the brand. 

HGS delivers NPS of 81 to 100 against a target of 75

HGS also exceeds the client’s customer’s expectations by gauging feedback and mining precise data and voice of the consumer insights to improve service by individual brand. Beyond traditional CRM reports, HGS provides actionable recommendations backed by consumer and advisor insight to ensure product quality. HGS collects data via a CRM, channel reports (such as Avaya) and, as of April 2018, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that highlights trends and sentiment

Business Result

Across the client’s 32 brands, HGS has achieved excellent results. The primary metrics for success are CSAT and NPS. HGS has delivered 92% CSAT, against a target of 85% (target for client being extremely satisfied). NPS ranges from 81 to 100, against a target of 75. Employing and nurturing the right talent has been critical to delivering such high results.

How We Do It

This partnership has strong numbers to demonstrate success. But the alignment of these businesses is rooted in achievements like constant communication, trust, transparency, open dialogue, and cocreation.
As one case in point of how HGS is a true consultative partner, the client has a strategic Vision 2020, which includes clear financial and CX-related targets. The client includes HGS in all Vision 2020 meetings to meet these targets.
The monthly CX forum promotes innovation and continuous improvement. Outcomes included: 

Partnership Success goes Beyond Numbers

  • Refund vouchers were identified as not working at stores and problem was resolved.
  • Complaints were reduced by replacing the slow cheque reimbursement process with direct bank deposits.
  • A product replenishment service was piloted in London, whereby a courier delivers products to parents in dire need – even at midnight. 

As another example of alignment, in May 2018, HGS and our client hosted a roundtable discussion in London, with the objective of raising industry standards and sharing best practice. The session was attended by HGS clients and other leading brands from across different sectors, focusing on “achieving the CX WOW factor” with this success as an industry-leading example.

Business Result

Today, this relationship is a consistently high-performing, highly collaborative partnership founded on expertise, exceeding expectations, transparency and open communication. 
Over the course of our partnership, HGS has prioritised the client’s investment, by providing consultative value (and results) above and beyond our success of achieving contractual metrics. 

A product replenishment service was piloted in London, whereby a courier delivers products to parents in dire need – even at midnight.

While our CSAT performance and solution innovation are significant, at the core of the synergy is transparency, trust, and values alignment to achieve better outcomes for the client community—the ultimate sign of success for this client partner.

This client trusts HGS to engage with consumers, learn from them and then suggest meaningful brand enhancements (like WhatsApp service). Throughout the partnership, HGS has continued to take on more responsibilities to improve CX. The company counts on HGS for innovation beyond what a traditional BPO provides (such as HGS’s participation in CX and Vision 2020 forums). By optimising CX through highly qualified people and a strategic perspective, HGS has helped our client partner both earn new consumers and build brand loyalty. 
Additionally, HGS offer tools, CX insight, and qualified, connected employees who bridge the gap between the very human goals driving families purchasing the client’s products and the science, logistics, and business acumen that make the client so successful. On this care line, the focus is always on CSAT rather than AHT. Both HGS and our client’s goals extend beyond sales – as these aligned companies invest in research and continuous improvement ensuring the best possible starting point for every baby’s life.