Case Study

HGS and Jamaica Bank Achieve Symmetry in CSAT, Growth

Banking Financial

In late 2014, one of the leading financial groups in the Caribbean, was in growth mode, having
recently acquired a credit and financial group to offer merchant banking, as well as remittances and
unit trust, products and services. The bank was looking for a BPO partner to handle customer care
for express transactions—answering customer queries or requesting checks, in support of the bank’s
Client Care Center. With a strong history in finance, healthcare and accounting-based accounts, HGS
was chosen as an outcomes-focused, financial services-focused company, unique among tech support
BPOs in the region.
Less than two years later, and with operating revenue growth of 9.9%, the bank was approved for a
commercial banking license upgrade. And the thriving partnership with HGS will enable a foundation
of synergies and innovation for continued growth.
With a Portmore, Jamaica hub of business operations, the mission was to share resources and
best practices with HGS’s Kingston location, for an insourcing-outsourcing solution of inbound and
outbound customer care. The locations’ physical proximity allows for a naturally well aligned working
relationship between the bank’s Client Care Center and HGS. The client’s location is the site of HGS
agent training, for ideal brand alignment and symmetry of objectives.

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