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HGS Customer, Community Commitment Powers Business Growth for Financial Services Leader

Customer Engagement

Smart business partnerships deliver breakthrough results by building on shared strategies, values, and mutual initiatives. In 2014, a Fortune 100 financial services leader was searching for a BPO partner to align with their own ability to source and maintain an elite workforce—especially one with an emphasis on veteran recruitment. HGS emerged as their BPO partner of choice not only because of solid commitment to a growing El Paso, Texas community, but also for aligned military employment practices, entrepreneurial spirit, and pride in service excellence. Together these business partners pursued a vision of growth with a common mission to support a talent pool of both veterans and military spouses and advance corporate social responsibility.

Partnership Start: 2014
Services:  Customer Care,  Claims Management, Help Desk, Robotic Process Automation


From the outset, the aim of the partnership was to provide a strong foundation for market growth, starting with an investment by HGS to build a brand-new site in El Paso Gran Vista; a front- and back-office outsourcing services model to manage domestic-centered programs; and a high-quality talent source that reflects this firm’s strong respect for veterans and a more diverse employee base with a dense Hispanic population in El Paso. The plan eventually called for a global expansion strategy that would be set between organizations

Military Recruitment
More than 50% Veteran Staffed
How We Do It The client knew they could leverage HGS’s pre-existing El Paso area connections, including a vibrant employment program that had for the past 10 plus years worked with Ft. Bliss to recruit military veterans. This client also counted on HGS’s executive team commitment to jumpstart the partnership with a significant investment of a second site. HGS Gran Vista, a new flagship center, was built to cater to the client’s desire for an El Paso presence and designed specifically with this client’s planned growth in mind. With a beautiful center as home base to a strong recruitment program and community leaders embracing the joint mission to draw local talent, HGS perfectly aligned with the client’s business needs and became a cherished partner.

Business Result

Today HGS fills one out of every two jobs (50%) of this client’s program with military-related personnel. The center is a showcase of the client’s commitment to training and employment for veterans, military service members, and their families, as well as people from diverse backgrounds. Among the many services provided is bilingual support for the client’s diverse customer base. HGS’s work-at-home program provides special consideration for the military spouses who struggle with maintaining employment given the regular transfers of service family members. Additionally, the collaboration supported community interests with local outreach efforts. The client is able to rely on HGS’s many military partnerships, including the Military Spouse Program, Texas Veterans Commission, Ft. Bliss’s Employment Readiness Program (ERP), and Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP). Employment readiness seminars ensure there is a steady base of skilled talent to support this client—one that is well in line with their core value to honor military personnel. HGS in turn can represent all its clients as an El Paso Employer of Choice.


Scale Services, Staff to Grow with Client 250% Associate Increase

How We Do It

HGS and the client have an open and transparent relationship that ensures collaboration between multiple levels of leadership at both organizations. This has helped to advance a unique business model that transcends a typical BPO scenario.
The teams work as one to strategize solutions that prioritize the client’s objectives and growth with multiple, core corporate divisions: group insurance, individual life insurance, retirement, annuities, but also its internal captive operation that supports the enterprise business. The resulting hybrid business model bridges both HGS’s onshore staff support, as well as, the client’s offshore captive support.

Business Result

Today, HGS provides technical help desk, customer care inbound call support, claims intake and back-office claims completion management, and robotics process automation (RPA) solutions for the various functional areas, including group insurance, individual life insurance, corporate office, and global technology. Back-office functions extend to activities within the claims administration system, making necessary beneficiary changes, matching documents, and creating claims from other non-voice incoming channels, such as emails. Initially, HGS provided short-term disability claims management support and now the client has extended services to long-term disability claims (LTD). It’s a well-executed, efficient, around-the-clock (24X7) operation. 
Recently the team has doubled back-office processing of LTD claims. HGS-trained associates help ensure claims are fully completed through various methods of input, such as ensuring documents supporting claims are tagged to the right account, reviewing incoming emails to be matched to the appropriate claim, and creating copies of the disability claim files into electronic files to assist in medical evaluations, appeals, litigated claims, and claims for request. One solid proof point of the client’s growing trust and HGS’s ability to deliver outstanding performance results? Staff counts have surged 250% to scale, with solutions aligned to growing client demands.
HGS and the client have an open and transparent relationship that ensures collaboration between multiple levels of leadership at both organizations.


Automation Solution Delivery
FTEs Reduced RPA to Reduce FTEs by 80% Delivering Specialized Process Expertise and Significant Saving

How We Do It

In 2016, HGS officially won its first RPA consulting engagement with this premier insurance client. Our role was two-fold, acting as both an advisor and project leader to collaborate with the client’s newly formed unit charged with launching RPA companywide. HGS worked with the client to identify and select the right opportunities for automation, but also participated in the design effort for projects already identified for Group, Individual Life Insurance, and internal Finance and Accounting functions. 
HGS provided dedicated design and development resources from its RPA center of excellence, to lead the project with a consultative approach that included an overall engagement lead identifying and validating processes, solution design, development, implementation, testing, documentation, and maintaining and monitoring installed bots post launch where necessary. HGS brought its core process expertise tied to automation to every part of the extended arm of support. 

Before becoming an extension of the client’s internal RPA program, HGS and a few other select providers were given the opportunity to showcase their RPA expertise through a Proof of Value (POV) initiative. HGS chose to tackle the exception processing tied to rate changes for long-term care policies. These exceptions create massive, manual labor intervention to reset the proper rates that could not be handled automatically. HGS’s exploratory work and proof of concept provided more than adequate results to proceed with a full implementation. The client stated that “HGS knocked it out of the park.” The superior results also propelled HGS to the top of the list to support the broader enterprise efforts around automation.

Business Result

HGS set up the process in a matter of weeks, employing RPA to replace 80% of the FTEs. The estimated cost-containment, solely for the POV single corporate client, was hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Re-rate accuracy soared to capitalize on otherwise lost revenue in the first phase. The solution was recognized enterprise wide as a standout. HGS scored the highest among the BPO providers participating in the client’s pilot RPA program. The success of HGS’s RPA solution led to the client turning to HGS for automation support of its internal Center of Excellence (CoE) as a governance body. HGS is very proud to be one of only two providers selected for this golden opportunity.

HGS scored the highest among the BPO providers participating in the client’s pilot RPA program. The success of HGS’s RPA solution led to the client turning to HGS for automation support of its internal Center of Excellence (CoE) as a governance body


The partnership continues to thrive, as the client continually assesses other areas of expertise, specifically the sales conversion and retention potential of HGS’s licensed sales agents, as well as a centralized nursing concierge program for call triage and medical cost management. There is a strong foundation to build on in less than two years. HGS has readily turned the client’s challenges into opportunities to innovate, improve, and drive financial benefits. This is a genuine partnership with an invaluable cultural alignment to achieve a desired outcome by both organizations and the local military community.

HGS, Financial Services Leader Build CX, Community

Building a Unique BPO Partnership

  • Strong Military Recruitment Program  
    • Strong recruitment with military veterans or spouses filling a majority of positions 
    • Translation of military skills into viable positions at HGS
  • Commitment to Military Spouses
    • Remote “Work at Home” agent program with supporting technology
    • Active programs through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP)
  • Strong Relationships Among Many Teams at Multiple Levels
    • Partnership, flexibility, and transparency between multiple groups
    • Transparency and willingness to work together, bringing resources together to reach goals
  • Advancing a Unique BPO Partnership Business Model
    • Unique industry scenario: internal business partner + captive + HGS
    • Continue to meet compliance and regulatory environments in hybrid model
  • Financial Services Experience
    • Effectively and efficiently supported multiple “back-office” processes
    • Brought higher skilled work into the El Paso area, drawing different talent

 The success of HGS’s RPA solution led to the client turning to HGS for automation support of its internal Center of Excellence (CoE) as a governance body. HGS is very proud to be one of only two providers selected for this golden opportunity

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