Case Study

HGS Empowers Retailer with More Actionable VOC Survey, Analytics


All companies should be employing today’s analytics to stay in step with the voice of their customers. For retailers in the business of sophisticated sound systems, the bar is even higher. Case in point, in 2015 a high-end audio equipment designer and retailer was looking to sharpen their business intelligence edge. Step one was employing innovation that transcended their use of a very basic survey mechanism. HGS designed a mock solution to showcase exactly how we could support this company with more precise and substantive analytics that could easily be made actionable for greater impact. The client chose the solution as a go-live value-add to upgrade and turn around what had been a rather slow-to-the-game customer care approach.

The HGS survey analytics test pilot went live in February 2015. With this proof of concept, the client was able to experience the HGS-designed and deployed innovation, and observe the fastscoping and score-trending turnaround. The client understood these new insights as essential to their expansion to Manila. The aim, from the outset of the pilot, was effective catering to the multilocation customer base and business needs. HGS’s dashboards, and the nearly 15% increase in customer insights we now provide the client, have proven to be a firm foundation for increasingly targeted insights to drive operational results. The client continues to hand HGS more voice of the consumer responsibilities. And HGS responds with more precision and innovation. At the outset of the partnership, HGS had 100 agents, and today team members across the US, the Philippines, and Canada number 350-plus. With a US-UK service now expanding to Europe, ROI for the client has been strong.

Our Solutions

1. Improved Customer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction Increase 

How We Do It

Prior to HGS’s hiring, the client was challenged with a reactive, basic survey function with no dashboarding. This did not allow for results segregation or comparative analysis to track CSAT or business improvements. HGS started by closely analyzing the USA/Canada customer survey questionnaire and redesigning the questions to capture the core tenets of CSAT measurement: such as:

  • Issue resolution
  • Agent satisfaction
  • Likelihood to purchase
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Satisfaction with service
  • Customer effort

We aligned feedback with operations performance, such as first call resolution (FCR), that complements quality monitoring influenced by NPS. Problems are bucketed by agent-related or process, policy, and system. If agent related, for example, team leaders and agents with poor performance are identified for follow-up on specific areas of improvement.

The new HGS survey was designed for ongoing visibility on performance trends, such as FCR. Surveys were then set up to be sent to end customers. Responses underwent meaningful quantitative and qualitative analysis and action items—for example common areas of product resolution challenges—were identified.

In the newly designed survey, scores for each survey question are displayed by the Product Group. The survey results are uploaded into dashboards, with end-to-end visibility for stakeholders across the client and HGS, both. HGS has plans to employ more in-depth speech and text analytics; however, current results are impressive, in terms of response rate.

Business Result

Prior to HGS’s solution, the response rate was 6%, and this now stands at up to 19%. This is due, in part, to an intelligent routing strategy, employing low customer effort with:

  • HGS’s device agnostic survey, which can be completed on laptop, computer, and mobile phone
  • Altering survey time of send based on prior open rates—in this case a morning send showed best results

Just eight weeks after implementation and with consistent ramp, results were optimizing customer experience for the client. On average, with the new HGS-designed survey, intelligent routing, and follow-up, Tier 1 NPS increased by approximately 11 points and Tier 2 increased by 4 points, per wave. Additionally, on average, Tier 1 Top 3 CSAT increased by 5 points and Tier 2 by 1 point.

After successful implementation for this client’s US and Canadian customers, and only a 60-day solution ramp and rollout, the client asked HGS to implement the new survey and distribution and capture process for their Europe geography, for nine countries in eight different languages. The HGS survey is now sent to Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy. This solution ramp took only two weeks.

2. Multilingual Support

How We Do It

As a dedicated brand ambassador, HGS is fully aligned to this client’s globalization focus. HGS can bring our own resources and expertise to the table, and we do so with our global customer care language service delivery. Our survey solution and insights are replicated based on the success of our US/Canada rollout. Our expansion to our Europe call center and multilingual service are strong demonstrations of the client’s building trust in our innovation and expertise.

Business Result

Today, HGS supports this client in gathering and analyzing essential voice of the customer insights in eight languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian. These capabilities are essential to ensure the voice of the consumer is transformed into actionable feedback, across the global customer base.


This partnership has, in less than two years, continued to build on its own success: expanding across insights, capabilities, geos, and languages. To date, HGS has managed insights to contribute significantly to customer satisfaction measurement—measuring the client’s service delivery across the globe. With new speech and text mining capabilities, we will continue to contribute to the success factors that make this a showcase account—for the client and HGS alike.