Case Study

HGS PULSE platform drives 40% improvement in reporting efficiency


About the client

As one of the leading tobacco marketers, the client has enjoyed a long-established working relationship with HGS in customer care support. Since 2011, this partnership has been strong, with a well-aligned leadership team to plan and achieve objectives. HGS has collaborated closely with the client to support it growth plans.

Business challenges

The initial scope of the relationship was limited to HGS providing static switch reports, quality reports and workforce management (WFM) reports. This would help the client to measure basic operational metrics required to run the business.

The reports provided to the client in the past were manual and required a two-week turnaround time. As the reports were combined manually from disparate systems, the reports were outdated and inaccurate. Even a single change in queries would take another two weeks for the data output. There was an urgent need to create dynamic and automated reports that would help with quick decision making, which directly impacted the queries coming into their call centers.


HGS Digital was brought in to help the client in getting disparate systems to talk to each other and collecting insights from the data provided. HGS defined key metrics to measure the operational performance of the call center with data from switch, quality and workforce management (see figure 1). Combined with the client’s CRM data, this operational data resulted in valuable insights about call drivers, customer inquiries and potential resolutions.


The solution

Given the need for these kinds of advanced data and insights, the HGS PULSE Customer Experience Analytics Platform was a natural fit. With ready access to the client’s pre-existing data within HGS systems and working relationship with their IT and data teams, HGS hit the ground running.

PULSE is an easy-to-access, highly accurate and user-friendly analytics platform that enables HGS Digital to introduce higher-value data analytics services. It provides clients with beautifully designed and highly-configurable dashboard reporting with drill-down analytics capabilities via cloud-based platform. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for client services analytics.


40% improvement in client reporting efficiency

With PULSE, the data churned out was not just accurate but near real-time. With all the information already fed into the systems in an automated fashion, data parameters could be changed as needed. More importantly, with the data source feeding directly into the system, there is improved data accuracy leading to more reliable reports. This has transformed the way the client makes decisions.

Data that would initially take weeks with a team spending 80 manual hours on the report is now being generated digitally in real time with no manual intervention. The team which was responsible for creating these reports is now analyzing and culling insights from the reports. A simple change of output enabled higher tier work and saved costs for the client.

Looking ahead

The client views HGS as a valued, integral transformation partner. While CRM data is currently manually fed into the system, HGS will soon have direct access to their data - enabling real-time reporting rather than near real-time.

The PULSE dashboard houses all the information regarding the partnership including invoices, contracts, QBR reports, acting like a one-stop destination for anything dealing with HGS (see figure 2).

The future roadmap includes adding data from an E-commerce tool into the portal for better insights into the client’s sales data. The more data sets that are added to the platform, the better the client will be able to understand the 360-view of the customer that helps with improved customer satisfaction and higher revenue.



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