Case Study

Improved CSAT and NPS for a Major Smartphone Manufacturer



The client is one of the leading consumer electronics company in the world and in India. The sought HGS’s expertise to:

• Improve CSAT score.
• Meet all client SLAs.
• Reduce employee attrition rate.


The client’s main reason for outsourcing was to manage cost. They are happy with HGS as partner due to our strong global presence, capability to support various domains, expertise, and application of industry best practices. Our partnership started with 52 HGS FTEs providing consistent performances on KPIs. The client then ramped up the process, and the HGS team was expanded to 70 FTEs strong. The technical support provided by this team is a first of its kind where HGS provides support for client manufactured smart phones, accessories, and smart televisions.

How We Do

It An SMS tool was developed and launched by the client in March 2019, where information is passed on to customer through SMS instead of asking customers to make a note of the address and troubleshooting steps. HGS supported the client in this venture with content validation and corrections and addition of new content. For example:

• We highlighted those details about service centres and the client website’s home address details.

• We highlighted area pin codes missing in the SMS tool and added this missing information.

• The team assisted troubleshooting by adding scenarios like “device not charging,” “no sound during call,” and “physical buttons not responding,” based on our recommendation

• We partnered with the client in validation of the information available in the tool and helped identified the errors and misses in the SMS content. We also recommended some customer-focused changes to be made in the SMS content. The team also made new scenario recommendations to ensure better use of the tool.

Business Result

Implementation of this tool has helped to steadily reduce the AHT for this process. For the customer, it gives better experience as he does not have to make a note of the information provided. We are now achieving an AHT of 347 seconds for this client.

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