Case Study

Increased NPS for a High Tech Consumer Products Company

About the Client

Our client is a manufacturer of high-tech consumer products that includes mobile phones, laptops, televisions, and gaming devices.

What the client was looking for…

This client's needs migrated from a model of mere support of the sales process to creation of up-sell and cross sell opportunities for a wide range of mobile device, tablets, play stations, portable electronics, digital media and digital home entertainment products within a support environment. Along with the increased revenue generation, this client also needed to improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

How HGS delivered…

HGS was selected over the existing vendor to support this transitional phase. Above and beyond implementing our revenue-driving processes and best practice customer experience excellence, HGS sought to find the relationship between NPS and customer issues.

Using statistical tools such as regression and correlation analysis, and cross-functional team brainstorming, HGS was able to make recommendations on structural changes in how feedback was measured, changes that impacted the length of time surveys took, and the active engagement of the customers within these surveys. The proposed shift resulted in a more accurate collection of NPS scores and assisted in achieving improvement in these scores.

How the business transformed…

Changes made to processes and measurements resulted in HGS achieving NPS scores of 78%+ (well over the 70% target). The client was delighted with the focus on performance integrity by ensuring adequate emphasis on the survey transfer and completion rates. This became a permanent part of the measurement criteria for NPS. Additionally, HGS was able to save the client approximately 48,000 minutes on the toll-free customer communication lines due to the structural changes in the survey, resulting in lower costs and higher productivity.