Case Study

Increased Online Sales for a Leading Insurance Company

About the Client

Our client is a joint venture company formed by a large business conglomerate and a successful leading insurance company.

What the client was looking for…

Our client required HGS to:

  • Create a neat and segregated website with a redefined brand identity
  • Create a unified online brand presence by aggregating all their services from several microsites and reflect them on the client's main website
  • Utilize the digital medium for marketing with resourceful marketing collaterals
  • Develop technology modules in tandem with brand monitoring and response support
  • Escalate and resolve customer queries
  • Manage client's brand reputation online

How HGS delivered…

  • Revamped sections of the website with intuitive design and flow
  • Employed SEO friendly codes with keywords, meta-tags and description
  • Added and integrated interactive tools and functionalities and developed back-end modules for various sections of the website
  • Strategized and created marketing collaterals including banners, e-mailers, micro sites and category pages
  • Conducted Facebook contests and created Facebook apps to engage with fans
  • Strategically placed Call-To-Actions (CTAs) to identify and define product needs with payment options for existing customers
  • Achieved effective cross-selling and provision of tools that help identify products and generate leads
  • Developed a suitable Monitor & Response strategy and managed Social Media communication
  • Devised a well-structured user journey with needs assessment, product suggestion, calculation and more options
  • Provided facilities to follow-up queries offline in "Meet an Advisor" & "Become an Agent" modules

How the business transformed…

  • Improved site traffic - total number of visits to the site increased by 400%
  • Nearly 95% of customer queries and concerns appearing on Social Media were captured and resolved
  • Better SEO enhanced search ranking of the website by 80%
  • Web sales were boosted through marketing initiatives and collateral
  • Increased user satisfaction and engagement with intranet rose by 58%
  • The average time spent on the website increased to 4 minutes
  • Facilitated information dissemination in a very user-friendly manner