Case Study

Innovating to Boost Revenue Per Contact, Increase CSAT, and Reduce Errors


In 2007, a large window and door manufacturer focused on continuous and sustainable growth was looking for improved service level achievement as part of their strategy to stay ahead of the competition – optimizing the customer experience (reducing errors and lifting CSAT) and maximizing wallet share (revenue per call). HGS, as the chosen solution provider, needed to transition seamlessly and align with the company’s corporate values.

HGS increased revenue for the client by identifying simple upselling items. We also developed an incentive strategy, with merit/shift bid goals based on the team goals, which are set by the client. Internal meetings and training with poor performers focused solely on parts-per-million (a company strategy focused on quality at the most basic level). Additionally, we created Panel Identification forms for every product to reduce incorrect panel installations and subsequent calls and complaints. We improved CSAT and average performance by implementing a change to the survey process so that, today, surveys are completed immediately following the call. HGS developed a report that is automatically sent to operations if a team member scores a ‘1’ on the customer satisfaction survey.

  • 90%+ average top box performance
  • 38% increase in order line item accuracy
  • 9% increase in revenue