Case Study

Inspiring Engagement while Celebrating Diversity, Beauty, and Freedom of Choice


In late 2015, one of the top worldwide beauty and personal care companies sought a new business process management (BPM) partner to support the consumers of its high end luxe, active, natural/ organic, mass market, and professional product lines in the UK and Ireland. Increasing online engagement and improving quality consistency were key drivers.

HGS provides agents passionate about beauty and customer care offering high caliber pre- and post-purchase advice based on detailed product knowledge. Agents not only provide advice, they have the skill and authority to direct consumers to niches within other brands, offer vouchers and refunds, and make follow-up calls to ensure customer satisfaction. When a product causes serious problems, agents complete medical vigilance reports to not only meet health regulations but to prevent future product problems and escalate concerns to local salons, spas, and skin specialists. The agents’ goal is not to sell, but to find a product that meets the consumer’s needs, educate on proper usage, and inspire engagement and brand loyalty. Technology is key to enabling exceptional customer service and HGS implemented a proprietary knowledgebase to move all the formerly disparate processes, product details, training materials, promotional materials, FAQs, etc. into one central location.

  • Extended the client’s customer care team with minimal investment
  • Expanded their hours of operation
  • Introduced new technologies without having to make capital expenditures
  • Increased the quality and speed of engagement
  • Proposed a range of platinum, gold, and silver service offerings and metrics