Case Study

Online buzz for a Premium Restaurant Re-opening


About the Client

One of the best restaurants in Mumbai, this client offers international cuisine and popular live music.

What the client was looking for…

HGS was required by the client to:

  • Create online buzz about the re-opening of the restaurant
  • Build strong online presence through social media activities
  • Drive online conversion through engaging interaction by promoting their menu
  • Devise effective marketing strategy through social media monitoring

How HGS delivered…

HGS applied these solutions to help our client position itself online as a notable hospitality brand:

Increased awareness

  • Targeted Facebook and Twitter as the main channels of the communication strategy
  • Increased updates and posted aesthetic images of food and ambience - approximately 60 Facebook posts and over 150 Tweets in a month
  • Used platforms like Zomato, Burrp, etc. and ensured successful integration of the social media channels for events promotion
  • Used Facebook ads
  • Created Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare accounts to create a cohesive social media ecosystem

Improved content for relevance and search ability-

  • Created a Facebook brand Page, took over existing accounts and implemented the new strategy
  • Created exclusive menu tabs
  • Recommended food combinations
  • Posted aesthetic images of food and ambience as the audience tended to like and respond more to the images
  • Provided information about various foods and beverages and strategically placed key-words in news, blogs and forums
  • Built blogs to project thought leadership

Monitored online activity and engaged customers-

  • Monitored audience reviews on platforms like Google Plus, Trip Advisor, Zomato, Burrp, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and engaged where appropriate
  • Engaged and interacted with fans and provided daily updates about the menu, events and the ambience leveraging our unique content strategy
  • Tracked and engaged with users talking about our client
  • Live tweeted during events like the DJ night

Leverage analytics to continuously improve-

  • Specific targeting acquainted us with the social activity of our customers on the brand’s social media pages
  • Posted suitable content and conducted contests to convert customers
  • Implemented crisis management initiatives and controlled negative comments of the brand by replying courteously to negative reviews

How the business transformed…

  • Facebook Likes increased from 2285 in October 2012 to 4672 in March 2013, -- a nearly 200% increase!
  • Twitter followers increased from 451 in October 2012 to 688 in March 2013
  • On Facebook, the “talking about this” metric increased from 4% to 12%
  • Increased community engagement - 320 fan likes and comments and 67 shares
  • Increased fan base and reached out to more unique users
  • Interactions climbed due to the increase in social media postings