Case Study

Partnership Evolution Driving Vendor of Choice Value with Stellar Retention, Quality


The India telecom marketplace is highly competitive, with leading players challenged to innovate while simultaneously managing cost and quality. In 2005, a telecom major called on HGS’s robust area presence and resources as one of a select few vendors to support breakthrough growth. This market leader chose HGS as a strategic partner to invest in and support their expansion and growth with our people, process and innovation. Over the years, the client has increasingly relied on HGS for a consultative role, trusting us with increasing responsibilities. These include recent wins of vendor of choice selection for their premium customer base as well as our voice of customer (VoC) analytics to drive up to 92% retention. There are three stages to the evolution of the partnership: 

• Strategy Partner and Expansion Support:  2005, onward
• Service Enhancement Partner:  2011, onward
• Retention Partner and Vendor of Choice:  2014, onward

Strategy Partner:

Like other market peers, this client ventured to expand services across the India geo. Since day one, HGS has provided the investment, resources, and innovation to align with the client’s services and geographic expansion. Our partnership synergy has contributed to the client’s services and geographic expansion. Today, HGS supports the client at nine facilities across eight locations in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India. 

Service Enhancement Partner:

Our services have expanded from assistance on customer queries and complaints to today’s inbound and outbound support, sole vendor for premium customers, back-office, and analytics support. In 2006, we acquired the first non-voice process, and in 2009, the client trusted us with Queries, Requests, and Complaints (QRC). In 2010, we began pan India operations for backend activities for Mobility / Fixed line / DTH and also started our email services support.

Next, came our outbound support in 2013. In 2014, our role as unlimited partner moved into higher gear when we acquired the client’s Retention Desk and new customers’ welcome calling processes. In recent years, we have demonstrated our true partnership alignment by acquiring the client’s premium Inbound voice from our Mphasis business and started operations in Noida. Additionally, the client has increasingly turned to HGS for our inputs regarding their customer relationship management (CRM), for improvements to products and processes that drive dramatically enhanced customer resolution and turnaround timelines.

For example, HGS consistently finds areas of opportunity (another case in point is service request elimination) for improved customer experience and issue resolution, by troubleshooting with SMS of package details to customers. We recommend these types of changes to the client—based on CRM database, for, in this case, issue volume reduction by 11%.

Retention Partner and Vendor of Choice:

Over the past several years, HGS has engaged with the client to accelerate outcomes. We have provided VoC analytics that have been instrumental in building brand affinity and retaining this client’s customer base. Additionally, in recent years, the client has granted us chief support of their premium customer care business lines. For our premium support, HGS has ramped hiring and recruitment in alignment with telecom industry needs, hiring a strong percentage of technically proficient analysts and qualified engineers. HGS has earned many awards and accolades from the client, including late 2018 recognition in the “Value Leader” category for “providing stellar customer support across multiple lines of business, in the midst of falling volumes and market consolidation”. 

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