Case Study

Providing High Quality, Competitive Contact Center Solutions for an Automobile Major



The client, a first-time outsourcer, approached HGS to form a strategic partnership to drive their customer service goals in India by providing voice services to support the client’s concierge-style app services.


Client since July 2017

First time outsourcer Automobile client Voice-based contact center solutions and services

18 billable FTEs;

5 support staff 24/7

operator service support & 9 AM – 6 PM [Mon-Sat]

support desk operations

Concierge services for customers

Delivery: Bangalore, India

Our Solution

The client approached HGS to provide contact center solutions to support their customer service app through which they want to provide great user experiences like navigation and 24X7 concierge service while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction in India.

Provided support to client's app
The client wanted HGS to provide voice support services to augment the support offered by their concierge-style app. To facilitate easy customer contact, the client’s app had to have a built-in calling feature. So HGS built a Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) tool and CRM system that support and enable the client’s customers to call customer service from the client’s app.

Provided All-Round Voice Support

HGS took up the client’s challenge of providing a unique, pioneering contact center customer experience and established two separate teams to ensure all-round support:

  • Operator desk: Supports inbound customer calls where customers stranded on the road give the contact center their location and ask for directions to reach a certain place.
  • Support desk: Provides technical support for app-related queries.

The expected outcome of this program is the quick adoption of the concierge service and quick scaling of the program as it grows across India.



Building the Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) and CRM system and establishing two separate teams to provide pioneering contact center experience provided great result

  • 100% customer calls documented for operator service and support desk meeting SLA of 100%
  • 99% calls answered by support desk and 98% by operator service exceeding SLA of 85%
  • 149 seconds AHT achieved by operator service (SLA 180 seconds) and 270 seconds by service desk  (SLA 300 secs)
  • 90% quality achieved by service desk and 89%  by operator service  exceeding SLA of 85%
  • 98% First Call Resolution (FCR) achieved by operator service and 96% by support desk exceeding SLA of 95%
  • 18% customer calls put on hold by operator service and support desk vs. SLA of 25%