Case Study

Providing Rapid Scale and High Quality for a High-Growth, First-Time Outsourcer

Travel and Hospitality
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With sights set on global growth and transformation strategy, an online travel booking platform was looking to mine the value of outsourcing by providing back-office processing of invoices and expense audit. In 2018, this aspirational business chose HGS’s agility, back-office expertise, and operational efficiencies for invoice and expense audit out of our Hyderabad location.


How We Do It

From day one, HGS employed an aggressive focus on beating client quality objectives, with a consistent and stringent internal audit by HGS to ensure the client’s 2% random, real-time sample was a success. 
HGS training ensures that auditor and processor performance is segmented by top, mid, and low performance and stack racked in accordance with quality needs. Auditors are finely and analytically focused on achieving quality targets. Additionally, the HGS organizational culture conducts training on precision in production and audits for optimal excellence focus.

Business Result

HGS shines on the client’s audits, improving our score of 68.85% to 96.20% in just six months. This is a significant 26.21% growth. This improvement is even more impressive in the face of our productivity growth, which has been 265% over six months post ramp. 
As a true sign of quality success, HGS recently received 10 out of 10 on the client satisfaction survey. Ultimately, this shows that to achieve success, we are culturally well aligned with the client’s own focus on excellence.

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