Case Study

Providing Stellar Customer Service for a High-Growth Payments App



In 2018, a mobile payments client was experiencing a critical phase of its growth and shift to a mainstream financial service. The start-up needed customer care, billing, and account and sales support to help scale the business. With a reputation as a digital solution trailblazer with global capabilities, yet a high-quality boutique service, HGS was selected as the ideal partner to help this young and ambitious company manage growth of their mostly millennial and teen customer base.



Partnership Start: 2018 Location: Peoria, Illinois Team Members: 200 brand ambassadors and customer advocates


• Billing

• Technical Support

• Account and Service Requests

• Sales

• Customer Care: Voice, Email, and HGS Chat

• Seven days a week, 7 AM to 10 PM CST



Breakthrough CSAT with 4.2/5 Scores for Agent Friendliness


How We Do It

HGS employs tailored recruitment and then stringent training to drive this stellar CSAT:

• The HGS Leadership Team employs personality profiling to hire the right agents for this program. “We built the team leadership from the ground up with the more empathetic personality types—the “feelers,” while making sure we have “doers” on staff, as well,” says Scott Yates, HGS General Manager. “ This provides an edge and aligns with the client culture. The agents with heightened sensitivity bring a personality type strength that shows downstream, in making our client customers feel supported and heard. It also fits with our client personality, which is thoughtful and progressive.”

• With our “Train the Trainer” program, HGS works to ensure empathetic customer care that caters to the need of these customers.

This client’s customer support typically requires heavy investment in training and knowledge management initiatives. HGS ensures team members have rigorous training and nesting with mentors to ensure they stay up-to-date on practices and processes to deliver high quality interactions. Technical training covers digital channels such as chat as well as the more traditional voice support


Business Result

The main drivers for the adoption of the hiring and training measures are stellar CSAT. And that’s been the result, as the “Agent Friendliness survey score of 4.2/5”.


Employee Engagement with Monthly Attrition of 9%

How We Do It

HGS leadership keeps employees engaged as “brand ambassadors,” with initiatives like trips to the client’s Chicago location for strong performers, to experience the brand firsthand. Additionally, there is focus on top performers, with recognition for MVP performance development of agents on critical KPIs. Team members are ensured a variety of tasks, with movement across both floor location and job responsibilities. “The number one compliment from our agents has been the team lead support,” Yates says. “We really are like a family, with a welcoming culture and agent-toagent support and relationships.”


Business Result
With only 20% annualized attrition, the numbers showcase the success of this program. Additionally, succession pathing proves further development support, with 90% of the leadership team for this account promoted from within. Finally, the account boasts a  95% graduation rate for agents



The future is bright for this partnership. In fact, the client is currently in discussions with HGS widen its digital portfolio support. With an additional solution, like HGS WEB-HELP, HGS will prepare this client to engage and scale solutions to a broader customer base


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