Case Study

Reducing Costs for a Next Generation Consumer Affairs Program



This client, in the midst of a significant merger, sought a partner to help them create a next generation Consumer Affairs program. The client wanted to foster a much improved customer experience, delivering measurable improvements to brand advocacy, loyalty, and ultimately, to corporate earnings.
Specifically they were looking for a partner that could quickly:

  • Improve brand equity and value through world class service; focusing on first call resolution and extended hours of operation 
  • Provide  insight to support the improved consumer experience through strong data analytics and business excellence programs, and leveraging a first-rate quality management, monitoring, and reporting infrastructure
  • Better unify email, chat, and white mail channels with integrated processing using competitive service levels
  • Improve revenue across the service function through professional upselling/cross-selling growth methods


About The Client:  An international leader in the innovation and marketing of outdoor products

Scope of Service:

  • Voice, email, chat, and white mail support for product inquires and complaints
  • Turnkey solution providing all resources, technology, and operational management; partially shared with another brand within the company’s expanding umbrella also managed by HGS
  • Enhanced insight and effectiveness through data analytics and knowledgebase management systems; automation technology to reduce abandon rates, improve handle times, and improve the customer experience


Partnering with our client, HGS looked to redesign the internally supported customer service function to deliver a customer experience to bolster loyalty and drive revenue for a recently acquired business.  To support these initiatives, HGS was able to leverage existing agents supporting the acquired organization to dramatically improve on the results that were being achieved by the internal support center.  Not only did this solution save recruitment and training costs, but it provided a complementary pool of shared resources supporting peak seasons and call volatility.

Staffing Efficiencies and Automation Reduce Costs 50% Cost Reduction

How We Do It

Leveraging highly trained and experienced staff, HGS implemented digital automation, taking advantage of economies of scale with semi-shared operations, and implemented standardized processes to deliver higherquality service at a significantly lower cost.

Business Result

Through savings directly related to recruitment, training, better workforce management, flexibility to support increased hours and call variations, and improvements made to the IVR, HGS was able to reduce the client’s costs by approximately 50% in the first year.

Advanced Automation Drives and Satisfaction 75% Reduction in AHT

How We Do It

By implementing standardized processes and scripting, and introducing enhanced IVR automation, HGS significantly reduced average handle time across all call types.

Business Result

Through improvements made to the overall call flow and scripting, HGS realized a 75% reduction in average handle time. This alone drove significant improvements in customer satisfaction, abandon rates, and overall workforce flexibility.

New Channels Reduce Abandoned Calls & >85% Reduction in Abandon Rates

How We Do It

Abandoned calls were a major concern within the client’s internal operations. HGS was able to address this pressing issue by providing a chat functionality to help customers address issues across non-voice channels as well as a flexible and effective workforce management system and an enhanced IVR.

Business Result

Through enhancements to the interaction channels (IVR and chat) and greater workforce availability, HGS was able to reduce abandon rates from 40% to under 5%; a reduction of over 85%.

Revenue Generation 40% Sales Conversion Increase with HGS CHAT Innovation

How We Do It

HGS also supported this client with innovative and creative solutions, such as a chat discount option to avoid cart abandonment and a flexible language option for labor cost reduction. Not only did this solution save recruitment and training costs, but it provided a complementary pool of shared resources supporting peak seasons and call volatility.
HGS installed a shopping cart abandonment feature to prompt the customer with a message once they abandon the cart that says “Would you like a coupon?” If the customer hits “yes” then it pops open chat with our team who will give the customer a coupon code and help them finish making their purchase.

Business Result

This proactive chat solution supported by HGS has helped the client increase conversions by over 40%.



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