Case Study

Resolution-Based Approach Drives Reduction in Email Volumes for India Telecom Leader

Digital Marketing

The telecom industry in India is becoming increasingly competitive, with companies stepping up offerings to meet escalating customer service expectations. Faster, one-time issue resolutions and getting the Right Answers Fast® are key requirements of a satisfactory customer experience today.
In 2008, this client was looking for a partner to handle and provide optimum customer experience to its customers with better issue resolution. The partnership that began in 2008 is still going strong, with the client increasingly trusting HGS with the results and value-adds provided.

The Problem
The client was facing difficulty with satisfactory customer issue resolution, as there was a need for multiple client contacts to address and fix one problem. This was not only affecting the customer experience but was also increasing the volumes handled by the client. The client wanted HGS to address and resolve these issues:
• Low first contact resolution (FCR)
• Reduce repeat transactions through process reengineering/calling as a service
• Reduce email volume through strategic insights on customer needs/issues

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